Which Teacher Are You?

Have you ever wondered what kind of teacher would suit you? Well, in this accurate quiz, you can find out which teacher you would be in real life. :) ;P

Do you think you would be more like a social studies teacher, or a math teacher, or an English teacher, or a history teacher? Well, you take this quiz, you can find out.

Created by: Alyssa Taylor

  1. It's time to choose your classes! You choose
  2. Your little sister drops glass in your room! You
  3. You have to make a copy of the times table from 1 to 1,000! You
  4. Mrs. Spank asks you to do a report on Julius Caesar. You
  5. You failed your spelling test. You
  6. Wanda McGillicuddy stole your milk money! You
  7. Your favorite cousin is diagnosed with diabetes! Your mom is diagnosed with lung cancer! You
  8. Roxie, your dads girlfriend, grounds you for breaking the china. It was your sister! You
  9. Your mom starts going out late at night and comes home drowsy, You suspect
  10. Your favorite blouse ripped! You

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Quiz topic: Which Teacher am I?