Safari love story

Hi guys, this is my first quiz series so please don't be too judgemental. So let me just tell you your life story and the reason why you live in a cottage 2km from a game reserve.

Your parents are sick and tired of you slacking off, going to parties and not focusing on work. So as a resualt they send you to your aunts cottage where you will fall in love, lay in bed with a broken heart, make some awesome friends and more.

Created by: FireSoul

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  1. It's the morning of your first day in Africa. You can't really remember how or when you got here but you don't care." ___________, are you up yet!" , you hear your auntie calling you. "I better go!", you think to yourself. As you walk to the kitchen you see a plumpy lady(auntie) making breakfast and a cute, dark haired boy with emerald eyes, about your age sitting at the table cracking up some jokes making your aunt laugh like a hyeana.
  2. Your aunt see's you come in and introduces you to the cute boy,"____________,this is James, he is the son of one of the game rangers, you'll see him quite often, his father drops him off here sometimes". James winked at you cutely and you couldn't help giggle. So after you finish have breakfast you realise what a joker James is and he definitly knows how to bring a smile to your face. "___________, I'm going to the game reserve, wanna come? Don't worry about the monkeys, their cool with me", James asks you.
  3. Besides whatever you say you go anyway.You and James decide to walk to the game reserve, you feel the heat of the merciless, African,sun and sweat beat down your forehead, you definitly do not like this heat. James notices your sweating, "You'll get used to the heat, it's better than the cold!", "Tu shay James, tu shay!". You stare at the ground wishing something could pick you off your feetand take you to the reserve.
  4. As if James read your mind,he comes behind you, picks you up your feet and carries you with strength you never knew he had. "James! You mind reader!" "Hey, I have to take care of my lazy, little princess!" "I'm not lazy!", you exclaim and punch his shoulder. James finally puts you down and you two walk to the game reserve.
  5. When you finally get to the game reserve you notice that you and James are the only people walking and that everyone is going on a different trail, "James are you ssure we're going the right way" , " Don't worry I know exactly where your going!", James reasures you. Suddenly out of no where a lion springs out from the bushes and pounces on James.
  6. The lion suddenly turns into a dirty,blonde, blue,eyed boy. He and James are rolling on the floor laughing like crazy. "James, you have seen your....." and then he stops when he notices you, James seems as if what just happpened is totally normal. "Dude it's alright, she's the one" "Are you sure" "I'm sure" . You stand there in total shock and then you finally scream "WHAT IS GOING ON!!!! FirstIamwalking toa gamereserve nextthingIknew alionjumpsoutfromnowhere and attacksonJamesthen thelionturnsintoa cuteboyandheand Jamesarerollingonthefloorlaughing nowtheyarecallingme theone!", you finish.
  7. "_________, I've got alot to tell you, you might want to sit down",James tells you. You sit on rock waiting to hear what he has to say, "Leo(dirty blonde) and I are anilussions, we can change into an animal, I am a hyeana, Leo is a lion. We have been searching for someone called the balance and I know that it is you. The balance has many powers for example, animal communication, control of the elements, etc, but they will only function when you find the locket, until then you are powerless" says James.
  8. Leo continues, " The balance will battle with the knock who will try to knock the balance from the world and then everything will go all wrong and trust me you do not want to know what happens". You freeze, this seems too unreal for you, powers, the fate of the world rests in your hands, what a day you think! "__________, what do you say, are you in?", Leo asks you, you feel him gently stroke your hand, you look into his sky blue eyes and awenser, "Fine, I'm in!" Leo hugs you and so does James.
  9. The day flies by and before yoy know it, it's already night and your standing on your balcony over looking the African plains. You then hear a noise and realise right below your belcony someone stands. All you can see are their violet eyes, they seem to shine through the darkness of night. You look into their eyes, you've seen them before, somewhere but where?
  10. Hi guys, hope you enjoyed, I might be slower in making these quizes when school starts, witch where I am is 9th of January 2012. Please post comments, if I get 10 or more nice comments I will make part 2. Please tell me what you think, where should I improve, or if you have any ideas for the story, please tell me! Bye guys!
  11. Sorry ,before you go who do you like best! Also tell me in your comments, bye now,and I mean it!

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