Confessions part 1

*PLEASE READ* hello everyone:) I am the author of The Reason Why I Left you series. I will finish the series but I'm just taking a break off that and making this one.

So when I was walking back from the store like today,I was thinking of this story and I couldn't get this story off my mind so I'm making this one.I will make the whole series tonight so ya:)

Created by: tiggerluvsya3315

  1. You wake up quicky and get ready to school. You put on whatever you want and you rush to school. Your name is Kaitlyn. You go to West Veiw High School and you are a jounior. You live with your Aunt and Uncle. Your dad left you when you were born and your mom died from a car crash. You have a best friend named Angelica. You sit on the curb in the schools parking lot waiting for Angelica to get here. You see the famous Colton the popular guy. Colton is 6'1 with light brown scater boy hair,blue eyes,is the quarter back on the football team,and every girl loves him exept you and Angelica. You hate him and he hates you.
  2. Colton walks past you and looks at you. He drops his water bottle that's in his hand and it spills on your head. He looks down and starts laughing. "Did you just take a shower because your hair is affly wet!" He says and he walks away. You see Angelica and you rush over her and you tell her what happend. She smiles and she goes in her car and pulls out a pair of cloths and a straitner.
  3. You two go to the bathroom and you change. You wear ripped up skinny jeans with a tight black noodle strap tank top. She smiles in saticfaction. She couldn't find a plug so the put your hair up in a high pony tail with some stands of hair out. You put your other cloths in your bag and you walk out of the bathroom. As you walk down the hall,all the guys whistle at you. You go to your locker and put your stuff away.
  4. You grab your binder and walk to first period which is health which you have with Colton and Angelica. You walk in all the guys stare at you. Even Colton!!!! Coltons eyes get big and his draw drops. All the guys whistle and clap. You sit down next to Angelica and she smiles at you. You smile back.
  5. Mrs.Murry your health teacher says "morning class today we are starting the sex unit."(I'm doing this in school and its so gross!) Everyone laughs and you heard a guy say "I wanna do it with Kaitlyn!" You turn around and a guy is blushing and the rest are high fiving them. "Anyways,you all will get a partner I choose and do a project on this that will take the rest of the year." Everyone groans. Someone laughs again and you turn around. colton is high fiving Jackson his best friend. 'Theyre propbably talking about me' you think....
  6. Mrs.Murry tells everone there partners. Jackson is with Angelica. They are dating but you and her are not popular and they are doing it secrectly. Then Mrs.Murry calls your name "Kaitlyn and Colton." Your eyes turn big and you turn around. Colton looks at you and gives you a discusted look. "Ok everyone now,you will first do this packet that's due tomarrow. You have all this class period and I expet you to get fhone numbers and meet up. Now go to your partner!" Angelica gives you a hopful smile and Jackson comes to Angelica. You take a deep breath and go to Colton. As you walk to him,all the guys stare at you. You go to Colton and takes the seat next to him. He's wearing your favorite colone. He looks at you and looks back at the ground. He seems sad. You look at him agiam and give him his packet.
  7. "Ok listin let's hurry and finish this." You say. He look at you and does this really cute smile. You give him a smile back and he starts filling out stuff. You do too. "What's your full name?" He asks you look at the page and its next. "Kaitlyn Ann Boyle. You?" "Colton James Brown." You right it down and the bell rings. You start to leave when he says "wait I need your number." You grab your pencil and write in a piece of paper and he gives you his.
  8. All your classes past and its now lunch. You grab your lunch from your locker and you go sit with Angelica. She talks about Jackson of couse then you two go outside. You see Colton and Jackson playing football. You were walking and you two sit on a bench. You talk for awhile and you decide to take a walk. Your walking and you notice all the football players have NO shirt on!!!!! You walk and the princibal looks at you and says "you can see your braw strap detencion and hands you a yellow slip. You walk back to Angelica and you tell her. She says she's sorry and you said its fine.
  9. *FAST FORWARD* After school,you go to the detencion room and you see Colton. He's just sitting there listing to his ipod. "Sit and don't talk!" Said the teacher. He leaves to the teachers lounge. You sit in the oppisate side of the room of Colton. "What you do?" He asks. "Apperantly you can see my bra srtaps. You?" He laughs and says "I went in the hallways not wearing no shirt." You roll your eyes and tap your pencil. "What's your favorite song?" He asks. "It will rain by Bruno Mars." " really me too! Like I care." He says. You look back over to your pencil and you hear it will rain. You look over and he's just moving his head and he looks at you and does a cute smile. You smile back.
  10. After detancion, you leave and he says "wait, me at the mall a 4:40 ok?" "Ok" you say and you look at your phone and it says 4:00. You run home and you decide to change. You threw your closet and you wear your neon pink converse with the black noodle strap and a mini skirt. Your on your way to the mall now.
  11. So ill probably make part 2 right now so ya:) comment rate?

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