Paranormal Love (part 2)

Hey guys, welcome to part 2 of my Paranormal Love series. If you didn't take part 1, you might want to. This part took longer than I wanted. I'm sorry. It's because this website was being stupid and I had to start over a couple of times. I also had to get through 2 Christmas parties in a row, whew!

By the way, thanks so much for all your nice comments. I appriciate it a lot! :) here's a recap: You couldn't get your locker open when you hear a guy's voice ask if you need help.

Created by: Firey_Soul

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  1. You turn around and see Bryan.
  2. "Um, yeah." you say "My lock is being stupid again." "Let's see what I can do. What's your combo?" Bryan asks. You tell him your combo and he opens your lock on his first try. "Woah, how did you do that?" you ask. "I dunno, I guess your lock just likes me." Bryan says. "My lock isn't the only one." you think inside your head. You didn't mean to think that, it just came out of nowhere. To make matters worse, Bryan is looking at you and smiling like he knows all about it.
  3. You try not to blush and grab your math textbook. Part of you wants to leave Bryan and go to math class... but then again Bryan is soooo cute, you could stare into his adorable chocolate brown puppy-dog eyes forever. Your thoughts are interupted by the tardy bell. "Well thanks, Bryan. But I gotta get to class right now." you say. You start to walk away but then Bryan grabs your arm. "What's the rush?" he asks. You turn around and face him. "Didn't you just hear the tardy bell?" you ask. "Yeah, but who cares. Let's just stay here." Bryan says. "Believe me, if I could, I would. But I don't want to get in trouble." you say. "You haven't been to detention here yet. It's not fun." "I'm not worried." Bryan says. "If we do get caught, we can go to detention toghether, and that sounds like fun to me." He winks. You really want to stay in the hallway with Bryan but decide not to. "Bryan, just go to class." you say and walk away again. He follows you. "I have math class too." Bryan says with a flirty grin. You were embarassed by how happy you were to hear that.
  4. You and Bryan try to sneak in the door without being noticed, but unfortuneately, that doesn't happen. Your math teacher was already up at the board blabbing away. The whole class hears the door open and looks your way. "____!" Your math teacher blurts out. "You are late. And just what were you doing with the new boy?" The whole class bursts into a fit of laughter. "Nothing!" you say trying to hide your embarassment. The math teacher rolls his eyes. "Okay, sure. Whatever. Go sit down, ____." You sit down. He looks at Bryan "So what's your name?" he asks. "Bryan." Bryan replies. "Well Bryan, go sit down next to ____. It might be a bad idea but it's the only seat we have left in the class." your math teacher says. You hear a couple more snickers and Bryan sits down next to you. He doesn't have to speak. His smile says it all. You are a little annoyed.
  5. Math is your least favorite subject, so obviously you weren't going to pay attention. (it's kind of hard to when you have an extremely hot guy next to you anyway.) Throughout math class, you keep stealing glances at Bryan. "He's so cute." you think. Bryan smiles just as you think that... "Oh my he reading my mind?" you think. You try not to think about Bryan anymore for the rest of class... and fail miserably.
  6. Pretty soon, math class is over. "Hey ____, wanna sit with me, Chris, and Ethan at lunch?" Bryan asks. "Sure," you say "Can Anthony and Allissa come too?" "Yeah." he says. "So you don't even ask who they are, just 'yeah'?" you ask. "Oh, right." Bryan says. "Who are they?" "My friends..." you reply. "Do you know them somehow?" "Nah, I'll see you later." Bryan says and walks off. That wasn't very convincing. You go to your next class which is language arts having suspicous thoughts.
  7. Because you are a very lucky girl, Ethan is sitting in the desk in front of you. Ethan turns around and his gorgeous blue eyes meet yours. "Hey, ____. Glad you're in this language arts class. I thought I'd be stuck with these obnoxious kids." Yes, the other kids in your language arts class were so obnoxious, you could make that judgement within 2 minutes or less. You smile at Ethan's comment. "So what makes you think i'm not obnoxious?" you ask. "just a vibe I was getting." Ethan says. "Am I right?" "Yes," you say. "I may be a lot of things, but I'm not obnoxious. And I guess I can say the same thing about you." Ethan smiles.
  8. You and Ethan chat the whole class period. (The teacher doesn't seem notice, lol.) After language arts is over, it was time for lunch. You go to your locker to get your lunch... and find no lunch. Oh crap! You were supposed to pack your own lunch but you forgot. It's okay though. You know Allissa and Anthony will share with you. You meet Allissa at her locker and both of you go to the cafeteria.
  9. On your way there, you tell Allissa all that has happened and that you all were going to sit with the guys. Allissa smiles. "That's awesome," she says. "It sounds like Bryan and Ethan are into you. Chris is next." she winks. You two sit down at a table and talk while waitng for the guys to show up. Anthony sees you two. "Hola, my peeps. What's happening?" he says hugging Allissa. Both of you tell him what's up.
  10. Chris, Bryan, and Ethan sit down with you guys. You introduce Allissa and Anthony even though you had a feeling you didn't need to... maybe later you can get the truth out of Allissa. You get to know the guys better. You like all 3 of them and you knew you would be friends.
  11. Lunch is over sooner than you wanted it to be. The rest of the day was, um... interesting. 2 weird things happened...
  12. The first weird thing that happened was that you were opening your locker while talking to Chris (you had your next class with him) You cut your hand on the metal of your locker, no big deal but Chris kept on staring at your hand... he wouldn't stop.
  13. The second weird thing that happened was when school was over and you were about to leave. You spot Ethan out of the corner of your eye... and you swear you saw him walk trough a wall.
  14. You walk home in a daze. When you get there, you call Allissa. Then... CLIFFHANGER!!!!! So who do you like?

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