A Hogwarts Love Story - Part One

So, this is a love story that's based on Hogwarts..obviously. It's my first quiz, so, please don't judge. If there are any errors, or you find it confusing in a certain area, please tell me and I will fix it right away.

Starting from year 3 to 8, you'll attract the attention from many boys. But, the question is: Who will you choose? Find out in these typical years, until you go from strangers to friends to lovers!

Created by: Allycat
  1. Your first and second year at Hogwarts was a blur, and you're already getting off the train for third year. You smile at all the other students running around, so you try to make your way over to a less-crowded spot, but you trip and stumble, face first on the ground. "Well, well. Looks like someones stumbling on there third year, hm?" A voice sneers. You stand up and dust yourself off:
  2. "Quit bothering ____, Malfoy." Another voice scoffed, and you turned to see Harry Potter making his way towards you. "Whats it to you, Potter?" Draco spats. You:
  3. Both are doing nothing to your response, and you sigh. You turned around and walked off, ready for the new school year..or are you?
  4. Fast forward: Your at the castle, sitting at your House table and eating, when your friend nudges you. "Look whos got some Slytherin attention," she whispers, and you turn your head to see Draco staring at you. You:
  5. You were in the middle of eating when someone tapped your shoulder. You looked up to see Fred & George Weasley. "Hey ___. We thought--" "--That maybe you would--" "--Like to help us--" "--On our newest prank." They spoke in usion, which made you giggle. You:
  6. Either way, you stood and followed them into the common room. After they sat down, you did the same. They grinned widely, and you blinked. "So whats the project?" You asked. "Oh, its not exactly 'new'," Fred explained. "We just wanted to test some on you." You:
  7. "Now, then," George took out a small potion vile. "This is..well, you'll see." They smiled, "Drink." George handed you the vile and Fred watched eagerly. "Cheers," You took a sip, and suddenly, they burst out laughing, and you jumped up. You ran to a mirror and gasped. Your hair was now half-orange half-blue! You:
  8. After trying out a few more of their pranks, they thanked you and hurried off to their dorm. You skipped off to your dorm aswell, and slid into your pajamas. Today was a short day, and you had Potions tomorrow, so you needed your rest. You turned off the light and cuddled into bed, when there were muffled words, "I'm coming for you.." You:
  9. You jumped out of bed, and whispered, "Lumos." Your roomate was in bed, sleeping, and nobody else was there. You shrug, thinking, it was probably nothing. You muttered "Nox" and climbed back into bed, falling into a dreamless sleep.
  10. You were woken by a rough shaking. "Ten more minutes.." You mumbled into your pillow. "Agumenti!" a voice shouted, and you yelped, jumping up as a blast of water collided with your body. Your roomate grinned, muttered a quick drying spell, then skipped out of the room. You rubbed your eyes and got dressed, brushed your teeth and combed your hair. Then, you walked down to the Great Hall, hair whirling around you as you skidded to a halt. You had collided with another student, and your books went flying. "No, n--" You were cut off as your face hit the floor. Hands grasped your waist and pulled you up. You blinked, then relized you were half-slumped half-leaning onto the Gryffindor Quidditch captain, Oliver Wood. "Oh, I'm so sorry!" You cried. He smiled. "It's fine. Here, I should get you to the Hospital Wing.." He trailed off, then scooped up your books. You:
  11. Either way, he took you to the Hospital Wing and Madam Promfrey fixed your nose, which was half-broken from the fall. You nodded. "Thanks," You skipped out, towards Potions class.
  12. You were quick to get there, but the last to get there. "Ah, Miss ____. Take a seat next to Mr. Longbottom," The professor then went on to blabble about what we were going to learn. You walked over and sat next to Neville, who had already started. You started, too. You were successful with a green-blue color, but Neville.. had orange. You put some of your potion into a vile, then handed it to the Professor, who nodded thoughtfully. You looked at Neville, and as you did, his potion exploded. You coughed and looked down, then your eyes widened. Your robes were now the color of a zebras stripes. You jumped from your seat and burst out of the classroom, leaving Neville's apologetic cries behind you. As you walked, you thought of:
  13. Hello, fluffs! This is my first quiz, and I know--It sucks. I managed to squeeze everyone in there..except for Ron. I am SERIOUSLY sorry, Ron-lovers! I'll put alot of him in the next one, and I PROMISE the next one will be a bit longer. I also would like to shoutout to @dragon, @Hogwartslove and @natuhleegayle, who are amazing writers and were the ones who inspiried me! I hope you both like this. Bye!

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