Emo Love Story Part1

This quiz is not meent to be hurtful to any Emo person. My frand asked me to make a quiz about how she fell in love basted on five people though. It's just a fun way to fall in love over the internet. With A peson from a quiz.

Ok about u in the story. U have straight black hair with red and blue highlights. Your eyes our a bluish- hazel that guys try to die for. The school u will be going to New Bridge High School almost everyone is Emo or gothic in the school. So u will fit in prefectly now let's start the quiz shallow we?

Created by: narhacutie

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  1. Ok lets get on a roll
  2. As I walked in the school it look like a normal school, I looked at everyone surrounding me we all kind of looked the same ......Emo. I started to head to my locker when I got thrown to the ground. When I eventually got up I was confused. " what the hel-l" there right before me was a hot guy with ocean sea blue eyes that u could get lost in forever. With black hair that was placed right before his eyes so prefectly. With two precings under his lip.
  3. " Sorry about that,by the way my name is Mason". Mason,mason have to rember that I mumbled to my self." And yours" " Ravena". We just looked at each other I swore I saw a spark in his eye when we jumped out of the stare. when Mashon broke the silence. "Umm......What do u have after homeroom"? I smiled brightly". Art class I'm so lucky". " I guess ill be joining u." I smiled stunned by his beauty."I guess so."
  4. As we walked to class I couldn't belive that this school had people like me. I wonder how the teacher would look .. maybe like me. Naw a teacher cant u know... " We are here". Mason said looking down on me. I smiled as i walked through the door an saw a lady with blonde curly hair and some nice cruves. " Hi my name is Ms.Willsion". She said poiltly. "Nice to meet you. My name is Ravena". Her face lit up. "Loving the name". Wow the nicest teacher i ever meeted one teacher said my name sounded worth gaging. I soon realized Mason wasnt by my side and was now in a seat in the middle row. I was going to sit next to him. I slide in a seat beside him. "Yow and Ms.Willsion get along" He said watching her write on the smart-board. "Yeah Why"? he just shook his head. Ok now he was geting creepy.
  5. On the other side of me i realzied I took a seat next to a guy with black hair and bright gray eyes. Before i could tell the kid anything he allready opens his mouth to speak.
  6. "Hi im am Andy and sexy lady whats your name"? He asked me. Supize to be called sexy, sometimes it could get anyoing. "Ravena." I said coping the notes from the smart-board."Cool Name. Anyways wanna chill with my buds at my table"? What about Mason i thought were they frands. Maybe i could make them....Maybe. "Why not". I said shurging my sholders casely but inside i was dancing.
  7. All of a sudden the bell rang. Ms.Willsion began telling kids have a good day a useal teacher. On my way away from my desk i waved good bye to andy and smiled. My smile was quickly wiped of my face as Mason took my hand fearsoly. He didnt let go until we got out of the classroom."What the Hell was that". I yelled to him. "You tell me". I was confushed until i realzied what the problem was here, jeolous. " How are just gonna eat with him. Andy of all people". Yup i was right. "How could i not. I didnt know you guys were freinds. My Bad." I said now realzing we were walking. "Who said we arnt freinds". He shot back. "Seem's like it". I was geting queit now."Whatever". With that he just walked off. Fire coming out of his ears. I looked for my way to art,luckily i found it.
  8. Later on that day after art I started to run to history I could badly see anything I was just geting ready to fall on my face. Due to things flying everywhere and tall people. When I Feel Strong hands on my back saving my fall. I stood up stairght and began to thank the person to relzie he was HAWT. He Had Honeyblack hair with Graish- Hazel eyes. " I saved your fall". He had a british accent, sexy. " I know Thanxs I could.have broke my nose". We started walking and laughing at the same. I soon reilzed we were the only ones in the hallwayy. "Hi im Ravena by the way"? He smiled. " Nick. Greet to meet you".We were both just looking at eachother. He was eyeing me up and down maybe all around.
  9. Somehow Me and Nick slipped into the back of the room without being seen. Mr.Hilton was to busy talking about some war to paty attion. I soon relized i was siting with Andy on my right and Nick to my left. "Hey Andy!I didnt know you were in this class".I said happliy. "Yeah. Got transfered". I rolled my eyes. I asked know that it was bad.But still wanted to ask. "Good or bad reason"?"Do i have to andswer that." The rest of history went well threre were no problems. They were bros. But came out so differntly.
  10. Lunch went perfect i actullay got Andy and Mason to work out there differnces. I was laughing away with nick and his corny britsh jokes. I smiled know i was goona like it here. Alot.

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