An Odd Love Story ( part eight)

This is part eight notice the eight in that sentence? It means their are seven others that come BEFORE this one. Take those first, then come back for this one! Thanks!

Thanks so much to everyone who has taken this and my other quizzes. And much thanks so much for the guys who have commented! I can't stress how much I am grateful.

Created by: icinoddness
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  1. "Carrie, do you want to go to the park with me today, and we'll have a picnic? Sure Hideaka I'd love to! You are excited for the rest of the day. When its time for the park, Hideaka drives you there. You help him set up. After that, you start eating. "Thanks for coming with me here, Carrie. This means so much to me!" No problem, you say.
  2. After you eat, you hold hands and walk around the park. " Carrie, he says, I really like you. I hope you feel the same about me." Then he hugs you. I do, Hideaka. You hug for a while and you feel like their is nobody else at the park, just you and him. The universe could fall apart for all you care, you'd still be there hugging him.
  3. You stop hugging, but his arms are still around you, he just sits there, looking at you. Then he gives you a quick kiss. Then another, and another. Then he gives you a long one, one that sends chills down your spine. You smile, then he smiles. See, you say, smiles are contagous. You both smile then he just holds you close. You sit down and talk about meaningless things. Things that neither one of you will remember tomorrow. Then he regretfully drives you home.
  4. You're sad that Hideaka had to take you home. You try to cheer yourself up by reading a book. You're tired though, and only get through a few chapters. You dream of kissing all the boys, each unique and different. When you get up, you are immediately excited about the concert today.
  5. You get dressed in the most rockin' outfit you can pull from your closet Its a black shirt with a skull on it over a long-sleeved white undershirt, a black skirt and some black and white striped tights, and a pair of black converse knee highs. You put on a coffin neckalace, a studded collar, and a spikey bracelet. You paint your nails black. You leave you hair down, it looks better that way with the outfit. You head to school, and when Dakota sees you he looks surprised. " Wow Carrie, you look really cool .You going somewhere today?" Ya, you say, to a concert with a friend.
  6. You head into school, sit through biology and go to chemistry. When you enter thruogh the door, Joshua's eyes get big. "Whoah, Carrie, you look....whoah. I-I-I mean you look amazing!" Thanks Joshua, you say. You can't stop blushing. You notice he can't stop looking at you all through class, either.
  7. You go to lunch, and you get a text from your friend from you old school, Talia. It says Avoiding me? lol whats up. You text back, No, just been busy, about to go to a concert with a guy. She texts, a guy, huh? Well, is he a guy you like? Ya, you text, but I still don't know which guy I like.
  8. You eat your food, then you realise that part eight is over. You feel terrible, you wish it could go on forever.....
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