Unusual love story -Part 2-

Thanks to the people who read my story!(: well I am tired so tired.. Ughh I have more work in the morning Dx.. Well hopefully you like it!(: read.....

Well tell what you think about it and everything about and suggestions. Please and thank you!....7/&/$$261&/$:$:&&/&/$:&:$2&3)27&/$$:$/$:$3$:)2&$:)-92

Created by: Paws29
  1. Recap: you were arguing with Danny and his all of sudden turned red (Creepy!) and he...
  2. He bared his teeth at you and growled. They were so sharp, you jumped. You started walking backwards but tripped over your bag and cursed under your breathe. "Danny, what are you?!" He came running towards you until you saw something collide with him. You saw a guy with long black emo like hair, red eyes, and pale complex fighting Danny.
  3. I wish I could just freeze time. I thought of what it would look like if time froze. When I finally got back to the present I saw that the random guy and Danny were frozen. (They were in the middle of fighting..) 'What the f---?!' then I heard a familiar voice say my name
  4. I turned around to see.. Brandon! I ran up to him and hugged him. "What the hell is going on?" I asked, all confused. "I will explain everything later but for now get into my car, now." As soon as I run out of my room the time is now unfrozen. I waited in the car for what seemed like hours of waiting. Then Brandon and the random guy came out of the house covered in blood. They got into the car and drove off.
  5. After a long awkward and quiet car ride, we pulled up the long driveway. To a big mansion, that looks like a hotel, mostly. "Brandon?" "Yeah?" "What just happened?" "Uh go get some sleep and I will tell you tomorrow." "Okay?" I half said and half asked.
  6. "But she doesn't know where to go, Brandon." the new guy said. "Oh yeah, I will take her to her new room" "Wait.. My new room?!" "Yeahhh, um your gonna have to move in with us, I kind of forgot to tell you that, sorry." I just stare at him with the what-about-my-parents face. "They will be fine." I just shook my head and let him lead to my room, shooed him away.
  7. You took a shower and crawled into the queen sized bed. You heard a blood curdling scream, which hurt your ears. You turn around to see a little girl with red and blue eyes. She stares at you and then..... CLIFFHANGER.
  8. Sorry if this one is little shorter and sort of bad but I am kind of tired and wrote this one quickly
  9. Please comment, rate, :D
  10. I might do a contest. Like if you win then you will get to be in my story.Should I?

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