Unusual love story

Hopefully you guys like it! This is my first quiz story thingy. So please be positive and no negative comments! If you have any suggestions like ideas, if I should add anything, etc please do!(:

And I so forgot to put the your age! You are 14 about to turn 15!!:D so yeah llama. XD. Cheese... Lala land. You should listen to AllStar weekend! If you already do then kk, cool!(:

Created by: Paws29
  1. Your name Luna Anderson. Your dating a guy named Daniel. You have dark brown hair that scene like style with red and blond highlights, purple eyes, sort of pale skin color. You have a baby face!:3
  2. It's already 9:00 pm and i have been here for two hours, waiting. I swear I will punch someone if they stare at me one more time. Ugh am I muttering to myself, again? Geez I need to stop doing that, I thought to myself. "Uh, miss are you going to order anything?" The waiter, said awkwardly. "Oh, sorry." I just said that and walked out of the restaurant. Oh great, it's raining outside, this is what I just needed.
  3. "Luna is that you?" I heard someone call out. I turned around to see a guy with brown hair like Justin bieber before he got a haircut (sorry only way I could think of. XD), I think he had brown eyes, and pale complex. Then it hit me, it's Brandon. "Brandon, what are you doing here?"
  4. "I was uh just driving around the place," he said. "Oh." "Yeah, why are you all dressed up and standing in front a 5 star restaurant?" "It's kind of obvious, I was on a date with Danny." It was silent after that and for a spilt second I swore I saw a hint of saddness in his eyes. "Where's Danny?" "Well, he totally blew me off, again." I sighed. Yet again I saw anger and hate in his eyes.
  5. Brandon now looks like he is ready to punch someone in the face. "Are you okay?" He didn't answer me. "Brandon?" "Get into the car." He said bitterly. Okay, geez louise. I muttered to myself. I got into the bumblebee like car. (:D) I love his car, he got it for his 16th birthday. I was so jelly when he got it and plus he knew I love bumble bee from transformers.
  6. He drove me to my house and said "Luna, I'm sorry about earlier." "It's okay." I smiled. He got out of the car and opened the door for me. I hugged him, he made me so happy. "Can we hang out right now?" I asked. His eyes sparkled when I asked that and he agreed. "Okay let's walk." You smile.
  7. Okay let's fast forward where you guys finish walking and head home. "Well bye." "Bye." I went up to my room and saw Danny. "What are you doing here?" "Hey let me exp---" I cut him off. "Danny, I am so Fu--ing tired of your bull----!" "Babe, calm down." "Don't call me, babe." "C'mon calm down." he tried kissing me. I pushed him off, he smelt like beer, belch. "You have been drinking!" "Yeah so?" "Get the hell out of my house!" With that his eyes turned red and he... CLIFFHANGER XD
  8. Have to end it there hopefully y'all liked it xD
  9. Who do you like so far?
  10. I hate how it has to be 12 effing questions

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