An Odd Love Story (part nine)

Thanks so much to Faith( Thanks I'm glad you think its awesome!), sundaisy ( Thats really good I try to make them eaqually attractive!) KBlue( Thanks soooo much!Get ready its dramatic!) and _ViolaLover_ (Thanks! I blame school too!) I love that you guys are loyal. I try to make these as awesome as possible.

This is part 9. Make sure you take parts 1-8 first! Sorry for the drama everybody. I have to keep things interesting!

Created by: icinoddness

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  1. Thanks to everyone who commented!
  2. Please take the beautiful secrets quizzes! They are by Dannica and she really wants them on the first page! They are really really awesome!
  3. You head to math. You see Hideaka there and his jaw drops to the floor. "Whoah Carrie, you look...really good!" Yah I'm going somewhere tonight. You blush. You must look pretty awesome for all the guys to be talking so much about you. A substitute teacher is here so you and Hideaka talk for a while, mostly about anime.
  4. After school, Joshua picks you up. " Man, I'm sitting next to the hottest girl in the whole world. What did I do to ever deserve you?" You laugh and blush. You find parking, then walkinto the crowd. You see alot of people drinking, and you're glad you're with Joshua. The music won't start for a while, so you guys talk for a while.
  5. "Carrie, I'm glad I met you, I'm glad you came to my school, I'm glad you like me. The day we kissed was the best day of my life. I would even be happy if we were just friends. Carrie, I just want to tell you.... I love you." You realise you are crying. Joshua kisses your tear stained face. You hug, then the music starts.
  6. You get up, and start jumping around. You're so glad to be here, with Joshua. You know Joshua's glad to be here with you, too. He's headbanging and you smile at his goofiness. You do it too, even though it hurts your head. You guys have a fun time. The night gets colder, and you ask Joshua for his keys so you can grab your jacket. You go out to his car, get your jacket. Then, as you are about to head back, two guys confront you. The first guy asks"Hey girlie, what are ya doin' all alone?" Don't ya know its dangerous at night?" You wish you had brought your pepper spray.
  7. Just leave me alone, you say. "Oh, no, we can't do that. We's gotsta give you a lesson." You try to act brave. Just get out of my way, I don't feel like dealing with you. "Ya know, that might actually work if you weren't shaking so bad." He's right you're shaking really bad. You can't stop. One of them grabs you. Come on girlie, it'll be fun. You hear someone laugh. Its Joshua.
  8. "Wow, you guys picked wrong girl to mess with." he says. The bigger of the guys says, "Whatcha gonna do 'bout-" Before he can finish his sentence, Joshua lands a punch. You get over your suprise and punch the other guy, while he's distracted. The one Joshua punched lands on his butt. He gets up and throws a punch that Joshua easily dodges. The guys you punched pulls a knife and cuts Joshua. Even though he's injured, he punches the other one and he doesn't get back up. The first guy runs away.
  9. You see if Joshua is alright. He's bleeding, but its not that bad. "I'm so sorry Carrie, I never should have brought you here. I should have went with you to get your jacket. I'm so sorry." It's ok Joshua. Your the one hurt. "Ya, but you could have been killed, kidnapped, or worse! I know its dangerous for a girl out here alone, I should have protected you. I don't know what I'd do if you died because of me."
  10. He drives you home. You bring him inside to tend to his cut. You put peroxide on it. You wrap it up, then you bring him some water. He has school tommorrow, so he leaves. You go to sleep, but you keep waking up with nightmares about those guys. You wake up and put some jeans and a t-shirt on. You head over to school. You see Dakota coming up to you. Hey Dakota, what are you doing later on today? you ask.
  11. Sorry about the crappy cliffhanger. One important question still remains, who do you like?

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