Rider's Love Story Part 5

You know me...

You know me now ...

Created by: Horseluver

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  1. So, who remembers what just happened, cause I sure don't!
  2. Just kidding, I know, Ashton just left your house after he broke up with April and kissed you. Now, I don't know about you, but I'm pretty annoyed with April, and would very much like to kick her butt.
  3. So, the next day, you get up early like you always do to go and feed the horses. Well, guess who's in the barn?
  4. No, it's April. She's standing at Jackpot's stall throwing rocks at him. And since he's in a stall, he can't go anywhere. He whinnies to you in destress when he hears you walk in. "WHAT THE HELL DO YOU THINK YOU'RE DOING?" you shout at April, walking up to her and shoving her to the ground.
  5. "It's called revenge, doesn't feel good when you're the one getting burned does it?" You grab a whip used for lunging. "BI*CH! IF YOU HAVE A PROBLEM WITH ME YOU COME TELL IT TO MY FACE! BUT IF YOU TOUCH ONE OF MY HORSES AGAIN, I WILL KILL YOU!" April looks terrified now. You raise the whip. "GET YOUR BONEY @SS OFF MY RANCH!" April gets up and runs as you crack the whip down on the where she was seated.
  6. Just then Ryan runs in. "___! Are you okay? I heard shouting, you weren't in the house." You casually brush off you arms. "Just dealing with somethings." He looks curious, but doesn't ask anything else.
  7. Ryan looks at the whip in your hand, which you set back in its place and walk up to him. You pull him into a hug, he's surprised but doesn't pull away. "Has anyone ever threatened something you love beyond words?" He strokes your ____ (your hair color) hair and says, "No, but I know if I did, whoever was threatening it would be in big trouble." You realize he means you.
  8. You pull away and smile. "Can I get you anything? Have you had breakfast?" He shakes his head. "I can make some pancakes." He grins. "That'd be great."
  9. After some chocolate chip pancakes (or any pancakes you prefer), you to walk out to check on a horse who had been colicing (basically a stomach ach). He seems to be getting better, and you ask Ryan if he wants to give him the medicine. He looks a little nervous, but nodds and helps you mix up the mash for the gielding. Afterwards, you two sit on the floor of the barn and talk about nothing in particular. Suddenly, Ryan says, "You're the most beautiful girl I've ever met."
  10. So, who liked getting back at April?
  11. If you said it was a little over the top, well, she was throwing rocks at your horse, how would you react if she did that to something you actually have now?
  12. I know you haven't seen Roy in a while, he'll be in the next one.
  13. Come back for part 6!

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