What Type Of Equestrian Rider Are You?

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Hello! Please take this quiz! I promise you will love it! This quiz is very accurate and it is really realistic. Please take! You'll love your result, I hope.

Before you take this quiz, please stop and clear your mind! Some of the questions might be breath-taking and stuff. Anyway, you'll find out what equestrian rider you suit!

Created by: Morgana
  1. What is your favorite time of the day?
  2. You get through the auditions to go to Blainford-the most popular University of Professional Horse Riders. Which option subject(s) do you chose?
  3. You've been assigned on a new horse when you go to Blainford. This new horse is called "Nuts" and is a bay Hanoverian with a white stripe down it's forehead. You...
  4. After your first lesson in Blainford, you were forced to choose another horse for your 'string'. (A string is a word they use in Riding Academy's. It means to have more than 1 horse) You must choose between the horses names as you can't see the horse. You have to choose between: Belladonna Creme Vala, Racing Strips, Cowboy Tuedux, Jumping Beany.
  5. You have chosen your new horse for your 'string'. You chose Belladonna Creme Vala (IF YOU HAVEN'T, PLEASE CLICK "DIDN'T CHOOSE"!) You realize she's a very ugly horse. And chubby fat. You...
  6. You are watching the National Velvet in your dormitory with your friend. Let's say your roommate's name is Alice. She is munching the chips with her mouth open while watching. You...
  7. You are eating in the cafeteria with your friends. Friend A, let's just call her Lily. Friend B, let's call her Isabelle and Friend C, let's call her Naomi are all waiting for you to answer what option subject you picked. They are being very nosy. You...
  8. I'm running out of ideas!! *Thwacks head* Ok, this question will have no effect! Just choose a random letter. PROMISE this question will have no effect.
  9. Do you ride horses in real life?
  10. If you do ride horses in real life, what color horse? (No effect).

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Quiz topic: What Type Of Equestrian Rider am I?