How good a rider are you?

There are many different riders, from beginner to Olympic level. I have just taken this quiz up to experienced young rider level. This "experience" I'm talking about is if you are able to control all the gaits, jump anything from a cross-rail to an oxer at about 3 to 3 and a half feet, jump lots of courses, ride lots of horses, from really lazy to feisty, and do well with them, and do some classes at horse shows and do well with those as well!

This is to see how good a rider you are, and also to see if you actually don't mind any aspect of horses and riding, and all the chores that come with it. You could be a really good rider, or a beginner with hardly any experience!

Created by: Jumper Girl
  1. Have you done any work without stirrups?
  2. Do you mind dirty, muddy horses, mucking stalls, etc.?
  3. What gaits can you handle with control?
  4. Do you know your diagonals?
  5. You go out to the field to get your horse. They won't let themselves be caught, it will take forever! What should you do?
  6. Can you bend your horses' nose out to the right or left?
  7. You are riding a very fresh horse. The horse decides he/she wants to just go fast. How do you handle this horse?
  8. Can you do two-point at every gait?
  9. Do you know what working trot, slow trot, strong trot, slow canter, and working canter are?
  10. How do you do a downward transition?
  11. How do you do an upward transition?
  12. Do you know what leads are?
  13. When you're going to a jump, and you're at the take-off, what should you do?
  14. How high do you jump?

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Quiz topic: How good a rider am I?