What Type Of Horse Rider Are You?

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There are many horse people, but they all have different skills and strategies with they're horses. Which one are you? It's always good to know, especially if horses are a major part of you life.

Are you a "good" horse person? Find out here. In just a few minutes, you'll find out if your a top-notch shower, or just a beginner. Neither are bad, it just takes a different person for everything!:)

Created by: Dax
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  1. If you and your friends went to a mall to shop, would you want to tag along?
  2. Lets imagine, your at your barn, and your choosing between Western riding or english. You choose...
  3. Your trying to choose... Should I buy my horse a blanket for the winter or not? You choose...
  4. Which horse is your favorite?
  5. OK, so lets say you went to a barn, and your parents told you to pick one horse. There was a top-pedigree shower, a cross-bred, a quarter horse and a pony. You pick...
  6. Simple question...-_- What do you think you are most like?
  7. If you were a horse, which rank would you be?
  8. Are you bored yet with this quiz?
  9. Do you think the above question will affect your mark?
  10. Did you like this quiz??:)

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Quiz topic: What Type Of Horse Rider am I?