What type of horse rider are YOU?

this is a quiz that will tell you what type of horse rider you are. i hope you like it. if you dont rid ehorses or you are a non horsey person, then there is no point in taking it for you.

i spent a lot of time making this quiz, and i hope you enjoy taking it. i cant guarantee the results will be 100% right, though. have fun with my quiz and please comment!

Created by: clara

  1. you are looking for a horse to buy. you see some adds. the one you want is ...
  2. you would rather ride...
  3. your favorite breed is...
  4. your favorite 3 horse colours are...
  5. wich tack would you use?
  6. what colour jodhpurs/breeches would you use?
  7. you would use...
  8. would you like your horse to have a star or blaze?
  9. wich hat would you use?
  10. and finaly, do you prefer connemaras or shetlands?

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Quiz topic: What type of horse rider am I?