What Type of Equestarin Rider Are You Part II

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Hi! Thanks for taking my quiz for Part II! Please, if you haven't taken the first set of this quiz, please take it! Or click/copy and paste this link: [no urls]

Again, stay tuned for Part III please! I promise it'll be epic! Remember, whatever your result is, whether it is dressage, eventing or jockey it's a good one! I suspect Normal Rider to be the shocking one but that's OK.

Created by: Morgana

  1. How many times have you ridden in an arena?
  2. How many horses do you own? (No effect)
  3. (Continued from last question) If so, then what breed of horse?
  4. Your boots have mud on them from your last trail ride. Since the ride was for four hours, you are too tired to move but you know that the boots aren't going to clean themselves! You...
  5. You are trekking through snow with your horse. You caught up with a injured baby bird. What do you do?
  6. It's a Friday morning and you just got to school. You then realized you forgot your homework book at home! You...
  7. Why did you take this quiz?
  8. You are going on a trail ride one beautiful sunny day. You and your horse bumps into another person and their horse. (SO romantic) You...
  9. This quiz is almost finished! Are you ready to find out your result?
  10. Okay! This quiz is finished! Now, please be honest-did you enjoy it and are you going to stay tuned for Part III? (No effect)

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Quiz topic: What Type of Equestarin Rider am I Part II