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  • Why can't I art?
    "I want to draw so badly but I have no skills >."
  • Hetalia One-Shots
  • "Hetalia. It needs a Portugal."
  • Mortal ships
    "Prussia x Fritz! I knew I was forgetting one!"
  • Mortal ships
    "America x Amelia Earheart Britain x Elizabeth I France x Joan of Arc China x Mulan Ireland (my OC is a girl) x S"
  • Hetalia One-Shots
    "Two Russias, coming up :)"
  • How's your love life?
    "F---ed up. So I leave it alone and stay single."
  • Brits
    "I don't believe most stereyotypes, but they're pretty funny. I know British people with beautiful teeth, who are excellent cooks, and"
  • Hetalia One-Shots
    "@Vega "
  • I Feel Worse Now.
    "Heartless, I can guess that your name explains why you said that, but kindly shove off. There were plenty of better ways you could've said ..."
  • Accents
    "I can do Enlish, Cockney, Scottish, French, and Italian (mafia and regular). On a good day, I can also do Finnish, German, Russian, a"
  • Hetalia One-Shots
    "@Heph Got it. @Dark Sure thing :)"
  • "Europe. All of it. Yeah, I know that's near impossible. But mostly Portugal, the Azores, and Greece."
  • Hetalia One-Shots
    "@Vega I'm on it! @ZB I'm not sure I've heard of that before, could you explain it please?"
  • Hetalia One-Shots
    "Requests? I'll do the fem cast, characterized countries (pirate!Britain, mafia!Italy, etc.), and take vague plot lines if you have an"

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