Rider's Love Story Part 10



Created by: Horseluver

  1. Alright, we've fixed things with Ashton, now we need to with Ryan. Besides, he hasn't had a proper date with you yet.
  2. So, you have thrown away the "ride in the forest" idea, you dont want to put him in a dangerous situation. You decide to invite him to a picnic. You pack turkey sandwiches, lemonade, goldfish, and some M&M's. You choose a nice hillside with a magnolia tree for shade, and a place to tie the horses.
  3. You call up Ryan. You had hoped that you could just leave a message, but you have no such luck. "Hello?" You take a calming breath. "Hey Ryan, it's ____." A moment of silence. "Hi." He doesn't sound thrilled to hear you. "I was just wondering if, uh, you'd wanna come to a picnic with me," you stutter. He hesitates. "S-sure. That'd be cool." You sigh with relief and gives him times. He says he'll be there and you hang up. Well, that went better than expected.
  4. Ryan arrives on foot, which doesn't surprise you since you could see your house from his. "Hey," you say cautiously. "Hi," he says. "I have the horses all ready to go." You lead the way into the barn and present a paint horse named Cody. He has black and white splotches and is really reliable. You help him mount and then get on Jackpot. "Follow me." Is all you say until you reach the picnic spot and speard out the blanket after tying up the horses. You set out the food and hand him his sandwich. He takes it and mutters thank you.
  5. You sit in silence until you decide to try and explain. "Ryan, about the other night, I didn't know Ashton was going to come, I didn't know things were going to get so close." You're not sure what to say beyond that. Ryan studies you carefully, which makes you uncomfortable, and you shift your weight a little. Finally, he sighs. "_____, it wasn't right for me to jump to conclusions like that. I don't know you that well, but I know you enough to know you don't wanna hurt anyone. I was just upset, I thought, maybe, you didn't love me." Aw man, what the heck do you say to that? "Ryan, I, um, I'm not really sure what to say." He moves closer and leans toward you. "Then don't." He kisses you. Again, emotions flood through you, they're harder to ignore this time, but Ryan's arms around you, and his lips against yours manage to block them out.
  6. When he pulls away you two lay down and you snuggle into his shoulder, I feels strange, because of the other night, but you put off those feelings and just try to live in the moment. You feel yourself falling asleep, and you let it. You feel safe in Ryan's arms, and soon, sleep consumes you. You wake up in your bed with Ryan asleep next to you. Out of paranoia, you check to make sure you're still dressed, you are, and so is Ryan. You sigh with relief and it wakes Ryan up. He smiles at you. "Hey there, beautiful." You smile and ask how he got you home. "I wasn't easy. I don't know a lot about riding, but I managed to carry you on Cody and lead Jackpot behind me." You smile as he kisses your forehead and gets up to leave. You watch him walk out.
  7. The next morning, you're torn. 4 guys have said they love you, but you're not sure who you love, if any of them. Do you know who you love?
  8. Okay then. I'm glad you follow these quizzes, and thanks to all those who gave me ideas and left helpful comments. You guys rock!
  9. Okay, Part 11 will be out as soon as possible!
  10. Bye!

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