Rider's Love Story Part 3

I hate this part...

I hate this part so much... .

Created by: Horseluver
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  1. So, where were we... Oh yes, you just went home from the party, and four guys have their eyes on you (well, one does when his girlfriend isn't looking). You have promised lessons for 2 of them, do you remember who?
  2. Well, it was Roy and Liam.
  3. So it's the next day, and guess who shows up.
  4. No, it's Liam (if that's what you guessed, then yes). You smile as he walks into the barn. "Hey Liam, you come to ride?" you ask, putting your hand on a saddle. He nodds vigorously, but he stills rubbing his wrist. You can't help it. "What's the matter with your wrist?" He looks down at it, then back up at you. "I twisted it." He's a terrible liar. He walk up and pull back his sleeve, revealing numerous scars across his wrist, one of which is bleeding.
  5. You gasp slightly and pull him into the side bathroom in the barn. "Hold on," you say, rummaging through the medicine cabinet. "I'm fine," he mutters. You turn holding a bottle of rubbing alcohol and a paper towel. "You most certainly are not, do you know what could happen if you hit that vein?" You pour a little of the liquid over his cut and hold the paper towel under it so it doesn't drip. He nodds slowly. "It's what I was trying to do.
  6. He inhales sharply as the alcohol cleans the cut. "Liam, why? Why would you try to kill yourself?" you ask. He hangs his head and says, "My little sister just died, she was shot by some gang memeber when she accidentally came across a fight. Everyone blames me for it because she had a mental illness and I was responsible for her." He crying now. You quickly dry up the liquid and pull him into a comforting hug. He cries into your shoulder. You gently stroke his head and whisper, "It's not your fault, Liam, it was an accident, if anyone blames you, that's criminal, and they're lucky I don't know them."
  7. Soon, he pulls himself together and sits up. "Thanks, ____, I guess I just needed to tell someone." You smile. "How about we go for a ride." Liam grins, a look that really suits him. "Sounds great."
  8. You two ride for about an hour when Liam gets tired. You teach him to unsaddle and brush the horse, then watch him walk down the road.
  9. Okay, end of part 3!
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