Rider's Love Story Part 9



Created by: Horseluver

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  1. Welcome back! Now that we're done with April, it's time to fix things with Ashton.
  2. So, you had been trying to figure out a way to make it up to Ashton. Finally, you call him. He doesn't answer so you leave a quick message.
  3. "Hey, listen, we need to talk. I know you really don't want to, but, we have to. If you can, please come to my house tomorrow at two, and we can go on a ride. Please."
  4. If he comes, you plan on taking a ride in the woods. You know there could be wolves (it's where you live, bear with me), but they generally sleep during the day, and they prefer to avoid people most of the time.
  5. You have Jackpot and an old geilding named Alexander saddled and ready to go. Alex is old, but he's a thoroughbred and can run pretty fast when he needs to. He's a dark bay with three white socks. They're in their stalls and you're standing at the door of the barn, silently hoping Ashton will come. You grin when you see him drive up in a dark blue pick-up truck.
  6. He steps out with blank face, and you walk up to him. "Hey," you say. "Hey." It's truly awkward, but you're determined to fix this. "So, I've got some horses ready, we can go on a trail ride in the woods." He nodds, still showing no emotion. You help him on Alex, and mount Jackpot. "Stay close."
  7. You lead him into the trees and glance back over your shoulder, he still seems uncomfortable. You slow Jackpot until you're beside him. "Listen, Ashton, about the other night. I didn't know you were coming, I didn't expect anything to happen with Ryan, we were just eating dinner." He looks at you. "You're completely clueless, aren't you?" You're confused. "Clueless about what?" He laughs softly, which eases the tension greatly. "So many people are into you, _____, I don't know how you don't see it." You're taken aback. "Really?" He nodds. "_____, you have no idea."
  8. You look down at the saddle, blushing. Ashton suddenly takes your hand. "And I don't half to hang my head when I say that I'm one of them. I just want to know what you think of me." You look into those electric blue eyes and wish you knew. You open your mouth to answer, but Jackpot suddenly stops and moves back nervously.
  9. Ashton gripped his reins and saddle as Alex backed up too. You pat your mount's neck and speak soothingly, but you look around too. You see in the distance a shape moving towards you. "Wolves," you whisper. Ashton makes a terrified sound. You grab Alex's lead rope that is attached to his halter which is under his bridle. You know never to tie a horse to yourself or the horse you're on, but right now you half to, Aston isn't experienced enough to gallop. You tie the lead rope to your saddle horn and tell Ashton to hang on as tight as he can. You spin Jackpot around and dig your heels into his sides. His bursts into full-scale gallop and Alex follows easily. Ashton is clinging to the saddle horn, and is just managing to stay on. You look back over your shoulder to see the wolves are falling behind but not giving up.
  10. You see the edge of the forest approching, Jackpot does to, and goes even faster. You look back again, the wolves are still chasing you. Suddenly, light blinds you as you exit the forest, but you keep going. You don't stop until you're in the barn and the doors ae closed. Now that you're off Jackpot you go into the tack room and grab the small handgun you keep in there for emergencies. Ashton is pale and trembling on a panting Alexander. You walk over to the door and peek out. The wolves, you now see there are 4, are sniffing around the edge of the woods. You point the pistol at the sky and fire once. That's all it takes to send the wolves running away. You sigh, partly with relief and partly with exhaustion. You walk over to Ashton and help him down. After the horava have been put away, Ashton looks a little more calm. "Thanks, ____, you saved my life." That's 2 guys who've said that to you know. He walks up and hugs you before you can say anything. You hug him back. "I'm here for you, buddy."
  11. When Ashton has calmed down completely you sit on the floor of the barn. He puts an arm around you, which is really awkward considering what happened the other night. "Thanks again, _____, I never could have gotten out of there on my own." You grin. "Well I hope you're never on my property on your own." He laughs, it's a nice sound. You look at the time. It's almost time to feed the horses. Part of you says just wait until later, the other screams at the first part not to let Ashton distract you from your horses. You shake your head to clear it. "I gotta feed now," you tell him. He looks sad, but nodds. "Would it be weird if kissed you right now?" You smile. "It'd be really weird, but go ahead if you want to." You don't know why you said this, but all thought is cut off when he kisses you. Emotions flood through you. Guilt, pleasure, sadness, but you ignore them.
  12. Ashton leaves and you feed, eat your own dinner, and fall into a dreamless sleep, but its nice. By the way, who do you like?
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