High School Love Story Part 1

this is a really cool story aboy a teenager girl who goes to Dreamworks High School to becomea singer. She fonds love, bestfriends and a family to share laughs with every day.you can find out today!

do you you really wants to know a real story about a fifteen year old girl ? don't you wants to know how three miracles happened out of one wish to a normal average persons? Find out today!

Created by: D3signnFreAkk

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  1. You are Mackenzie, the new kid in Dreamworks High School, a school for the talented. So you are in the office waiting for the assistant principal to give you a tour of the school. And to your left stood a handsom boy named Chase. "Chase, you are the school president, can you show her around the school? Im too busy today." Asked Mrs.Smith, the assistant principal. "Sure. Come on!" Said Chase.
  2. He shows you around the school and introduces you to friends of his. You meet Jacob (his best friend) , Sophia (Chase's girl friend) and many more. "Oh yea, the last thing i need to show you is your locker." said Chase. "Just put in the password." "Password?" Asked Mackenzie. "Where is the lock?" "That is the lock. It is like a computer built on your locker door.Just type in you password. Your password is HQ4Lp85." Said Chase as he grabbed your bag and put it in the locker.
  3. Chase leaves you with Sophia and Jacob at lunch because he is hanging with his other friends. "So Mackenzie, why are you at this school?" Asked Sophia. "To become a popstar, a really professional singer." Mackenzie replied. "So you can sing. Lets hear it then." "Um.. I really dont want to." "Do it or i will squat you like a bug." You sing a romantic song about yoy crush, Chase. Everyone hears you, including Chase. "He likes you ya know." Said Sophia. "How do you know?" Asked Mackenzie. "Because if he did'nt, he would have left the room by now. Lots of girls like him, but he is really picky." "So he leaves a room when he does'nt like a girl? That rude. But he is so cute, funny and kind...!" Said Mackenzie
  4. Chase ignores you the next day because he is too shy and doesnt know what to say to you. The day after that he randomly comes up to you and asks "Will you go to the prom with me?" You reply to him with a calm yes, trying to not show how excited you are!
  5. ★ TRIVIA QUESTION ★ Do you think Chase is the right guy for Mackenzie? "¢Trivia Questions do not effect your score.
  6. You are partying at the prom with your brand new boyfriend Chase and you find out Chase's bestfriend Jacob likes you but he is dating your bestfriend Sophia. You tell Sophia and she flips out! Next thing you know, your playing spin the bottle with Sophia, Chase, Jacob and 4 other people. It lands on you and Jacob. And you HAVE TO do it or you will be embarrassed. Sophia kills you after! For payback Sophia started making out with Chase! What a twist! The party is soon over. When you and Chase got to the parking lot, they discovered that his car was stolen so they had to walk home. When they got to Mackenze's house, they said their good-byes in the yard, it began to rain, they kissed as the drops of water sprinkled apon them.
  7. On the phone: Sophia and Mackenzie "Hey Kenzie. Me, Chase and Jacob are going to see Bro's Romance at the movies." "The one about two brother who cant find love so the make romance with eachother? Of course Im coming!" "Okay, see ya there!"
  8. At the movies their all together as a great big family, sharing love and of course, popcorn :) They are always together from that day forward.
  9. So this is the end of High School Love Story Part 1. It was not so exciting and mind blowing, just the basics but stay tuned for High School Love Story Part 2 coming soon! Also make sure to rate and comment, i need to know if this is a good series or not.
  10. ★Special thanks to Aurilena Vasquez-Davis Robinson for making this production possible★

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