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This isn't supposed to be gibberish or reacting characters but I don't know what to put since no one ever reads this oh well enjoy the quiz, da? :) :)

This isn't supposed to be like the first one gosh it makes things so difficult this is the only part of Go To Quiz that I don't like and that's saying something.

Created by: Horseluver

  1. The answers don't matter!
  2. "But I can't dance!" you protested. Spain just kept smiling and pulling you toward the building. "I'll teach you." You set your jaw stubbornly and tried to stop, digging your heels into the ground. But Spain just pulled harder on your arm and kept going. Once inside, he tugged you to the middle of the empty dance floor and held you there.
  3. You were blushing fiercely, but he didn't seem to mind. "Okay, put your hand here." He gently placed your right hand on his shoulder. "And your other one here." He took your free hand in his, and placed his remaining hand on your waist. "Spain, please don't make me do this." But he just smiled and gave your hand a reassuring squeeze. "Don't worry, un dulce. You'll do great." You swallowed hard as he began leading you.
  4. It wasn't as bad as you thought it was going to be, but you still felt ridiculous trying to dance with Spain. He was smooth and graceful when he moved, but you were choppy and off–balance. And yet, that smile never left his face, and his eyes stayed on yours. "You're doing fantastic." He squeezed your hand again.
  5. "No I'm not..." you muttered. He stopped moving and gently lifted your face to his. "Yes, you are..." He leaned in slowly, and his lips met yours. Your face went red and hot, but you returned the kiss after a moment. You never thought he'd feel this way about you, but now you didn't care. For a second, everything was perfect.
  6. Sorry if it was too short.
  7. The answers don't matter, the results don't matter, yadda yadda yadda.
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