Prussia x Reader One Shot

This isn't supposed to be gibberish or reacting characters but I don't know what to put since no one ever reads this oh well enjoy the quiz, da? :) :)

This isn't supposed to be like the first one gosh it makes things so difficult this is the only part of Go To Quiz that I don't like and that's saying something.

Created by: Horseluver

  1. Okay, so this quiz has no results since its a story type thing. Just FYI.
  2. "You can't out-drink zhe awesome me, ____!" shouted Prussia as he pulled his car into the bar's parking lot. "Watch me," you snapped back. He just shrugged and you both climbed out, heading inside. He ordered a beer, and you ordered the same. The two of you had made a bet: whoever passed out first had to pay for every drink you'd bought.
  3. It started out nicely, you kept the score pretty even, but it was about the tenth bottle that you started to get tipsy. "You okay, ____?" You waved your hand dismissively. "I'm fine." But your words were terribly slurred. A concerned look crossed Prussia's face. "Maybe I should get you home." He took your hand and started to lead you to the door. You fought back, but his grip was like iron. "Let go! I still have to win the bet!" But he pulled you into the car and drove you back to your house.
  4. You'd fallen asleep along the way, and didn't wake up even when he shook you. He sighed and gently gathered you into his arms and walked up to the front door. Of course it was locked, but he didn't know where you kept the key. It wasn't a serious problem, he was brothers with Germany after all. Prussia kicked open the door without so much as moving you, and took you inside. He hadn't been to your house in a while, so it took him a minute to find the bedroom. When he did, he laid you down and pulled the covers over you.
  5. You shifted slightly and opened your eyes. "... Prussia?" "Yes, it is zhe awesome me." You smiled a little. "Where am I?" He brushed a strand of hair from your eyes. "I brought you home." You blinked. "You did?" He nodded and straightened up. "Und I should be going now." It you grabbed his hand. "No... Please stay..." He stopped and stared at you for a moment. "Just for tonight, please." He hesitated before laying down beside you. You snuggled into him and he tentatively wrapped his arms around you. You smiled into his chest. "I love you..." You felt him stiffen. "___, how drunk are you?" "I'm not drunk at all, I love you." He relaxed a little. "I love you too, ____."
  6. I'm sorry it was so short and crappy. I wrote this when I was tired and hungry, and I was rushed.
  7. Anyways, this was made specifically for Cherry, so I hoped you liked it!
  8. If you have a specific one shot request, go to the Feedback and Updates forum, and title a thread "Horseluver", or just "Horse". Then tell me your request. I'll do characterized countries (Pirate!Britain, Mafia!Italy, etc.) and I can do the fem cast if you like. I'll take story ideas if you have them, just don't be too specific. I like to have some freedom to write :)
  9. And, the answers and results don't matter...
  10. Bye!

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