Life of a teenage vampire part 11

Okay I'm SO sorry I made this so late. I just into so much drama, and I was over my grandma's house, unexpectedly for the ENTIRE summer, though I was supposed

to stay for just two weeks. It explains it all in the last few questions. I hope you're not angry or nothing... need a few more words... ignore:....... there we go, enjoy!!

Created by: katqueen45
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  1. Where was i...?
  2. The pain came back. You wonder what happened and find david holding your head, rocking you slowly. At first your vision is blurry. You adjust to the light and blink a bit. David looks scared. Your heart skips a beat because you never saw him like this. He whispers slowly in your ear "...I'm sorry.. I'm sorry..." You feel confused and tilt your head a bit, your face burns like hell and you decide to stay still.
  3. David must have realized you were awake and looked down. He looks like he's going to kiss you again. He leans down but stops there. Tears fill his eyes and one falls down on you. You feel it and quickly sit up, even though your face screams with agony at every movement. The tear burned like acid. You feel your head at the place his tear fell on; thereis a lttle hole like someone poked a knife at your head and it accidentally poked through the skin. He looks at you sisilently with guilt etched all over his features.
  4. You look over at him questioningly. "I guess i should start explaining things.." david says silently, more to himself. You nod slowly with eagerness and curiosity clearly shown in your eyes. He gets up slowly and he offers a hand. You take it patiently. You didnt notice until now, this must be his room. It was dark and almost everything was black. He sits down on his bed, and he pats the seat next to him, offering you to sit down. You gladly take the seat.
  5. "My mom was a angel, my dad was a werewolf. I got bitten by a vampire, which is rare because to vampires, werewolves smell like rotten eggs." You surpress a smile. "My dad never truly accepted me, but then he completely ignored me after that. Eventually he died after he was murdered by a vampire. My mom soon died too. She was the only thing I had, then taken away by black Friday to literally die for. Trampled to death by demons." Of course it sounded funny, but also sad, and you didn't show any emotion.
  6. He looked up and you realized he had tears on his eyes. You try to hug him, on instinct, and he backs away. You feel a lump in your throat. Was it something I said? You think to yourself. "A witche cursed me to never love. If I do, my love will die. Happened right after my mom's death, so it was a sad time. All of it happened in less than a year. It was a hard time for a 8-year-old. I heard my couzin died because he was a cutter. I tried that." He pulled up his sleeve, cut marks were all over it, some looked a few months recent. You gasped. Some spelled out words, but they were unintelligible to read, one you saw was the biggest, read "MISTAKE OF DESTINY"
  7. He got up, obviously finished with his story. You felt like you were intruding on his personal life somehow. You also got up, but then he looked at you, with hatred in his eyes. You take a step back. "Get out." He says coldly. You look confused and upset, how did you do something wrong? "You are too nice. I can't love you, or I will kill you. Just leave me alone. Stop pityinf my life." You feel heartbroken, and remembered the pain on your face and bit your lip. Just then, Kevin and Roger burst in.
  9. Sorry I made this so late, drama, phone breaks, more drama, get kicked out apartment, even MORE drama, living in a crowded house with cousin.

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