life as a teenage vampire part 7

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Hi, i seriously have nothing to say. I hate doing this character thing. Still got more left to do, gosh I hate this. Ignore the rest of this. Blah blah blah.

I'm going to copy paste the first paragraph, since I really don't have anything to say.Hi, i seriously have nothing to say. I hate doing this character thing. Still got more left to do, gosh I hate this. Ignore the rest of this. Blah blah blah.

Created by: katqueen45

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  1. OK last time you went to bed.right?seriously,I haven't worked on this in two weeks.I forgot what happppened.
  2. The next morning you woke up when you suddenly felt a burst of cold water on your was melody."what the heck man!" You screamed."morning Monica!" Melody got out of your comfy bed and took a shower and put on your clothes.what do you wear?
  3. Whatever you chose,that's what you wear!(hopefully you didn't choose the last one)and you headed to past Kevin who seemed to blush when he saw also pass Rodger that still looked pissed from yesterday.and you also seem to pass David who was emotionless.
  4. As you finish eating your(put your favorite breakfast here)you see Rebecca run over to you crying."what's wrong?" You ask.instead of saying something,Rebecca pulled on you trying to show you something."the world is in danger!" She said.
  5. You had no other choice so you followed wherever Rebecca was pulling you went into darkar's office.inside there was Lucy,David,Rodger,and Kevin."what's going on here?" You asked."oh nothing,just your great aunt is trying to devour us!" Said Rodger.for the first time you noticed that Rodger and Lucy were as far away as possible."what's that supposed to mean?" You asked."Monica your great aunt,the most powerful siren has been found and she escaped from her prison." Darkar said.
  6. "So to sum it up," says Lucy."we need to defeat her once and for all instead of putting her in a prison." Lucy said.a sudden wave of guilt washed over you.Becky must have noticed and she said "it's okay, it's not your fault." Becky said. Becky ran back out and a few minutes later sue came back with melody. "Both of you girls are the last remaining sirens." Darkar said. "In conclusion, the world might be overtaken and ruled by a evil pest" Kevin finally choked out.
  7. You don't say anything at first. Everyone is silent. You look at your feet. You play with your hair. You look up for about five seconds and see everyone is doing the same.
  8. Everyone starts departing, and you do the same.the rest of the day went on eventless, but you couldn't stop thinking about that conversation. When night came, you took a shower and went to bed. About 1:00 in the morning, a noise on a window woke you up. Melody was still sound asleep. You got up and looked out of your window, then something unexplainable happens...
  10. One more question.who do you like?

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