What kind of Reader are You?

Not many people like to read today, I, personally, LOVE to read, and would consider myself a Readaholic. Most people think that's weird but aren't surprised to see a different book in my hands each day.

If you've ever wondered what kind of reader you are, then you're just twelve questions away from enlightenment. Even if you already think you know, you might not be right. Take this quiz and in just a second, you'll discover what kind of reader you are!

Created by: Samantha
  1. Do you have any books on your room?
  2. Do you read books assigned to you in school, or do you go online to find cliff notes?
  3. Do you wake up in the morning and pick up a book to read a few chapters?
  4. Do you read right before you go to bed?
  5. Have you ever stayed up all night reading?
  6. Do you like the smell of old books? What about newspapers?
  7. Have you ever checked a book out of a library?
  8. When you read, are you able to drown out noises? Or do you have to read in silence?
  9. When you put down a book for a while, do you feel like your the main character? For example, if the main character is really worried, do you feel worried too?
  10. When you read out loud, do you stutter and fumble over long words?

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Quiz topic: What kind of Reader am I?