Are you a TRUE big reader?

Some people think they are "big readers". That they read so much, it's "not even funny". But the truth is, you'll never know unless you take this quiz.

Being a big reader doesn't just mean reading the street signs in your neighborhood. It actually means PICKING UP A BOOK AND READING IT FROM BEGINNING TO END.

Created by: alex_d_e_v_i_l
  1. Do you think you're a big reader?
  2. How often do you visit your local library or book store?
  3. When you visit the library or book store, how many books do you usually take home with you?
  4. How fast can you read a book?
  5. What type of books do you like to read?
  6. When reading a suspense book, do you literally sit on the edge of your seat? And have you ever fallen off?
  7. Have you ever started talking to your book?
  8. Have you ever hurled your book across the room when one of your favorite characters dies?
  9. Do you enjoy reading?
  10. Are you bored of this quiz?
  11. Do you cry when something sad happens and do you laugh when something funny happens in the book?
  12. Roughly how many books would you say you've read?
  13. Can you imagine the appearance of each character?
  14. Would you rather read a real book or download it onto a tablet?
  15. If a movie comes out based on a book you've read...
  16. What result do you think you'll get?
  17. Have you ever attempted writing your own book?
  18. Have you ever played on a role-playing website?
  19. Books, comics, graphic novels...?
  20. Last question...Did you have fun with this quiz?

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Quiz topic: Am I a TRUE big reader?