do you know books

to us we love books a lot so we wanted to know who is with us. take this quiz to see if you are one of three things. they are book lover, average reader, and book hater.

now is the time to see what you are my friend. take the quiz. go to a library you will after words. have fun!

Created by: ethan and steven
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  1. Who Wrote the Ranger's Apprentice series?
  2. What is the Warriors series mostly about?
  3. what did J.K. Rowling write?
  4. Who is the main character in the Percy Jackson series?
  5. what is Harry Potter's middle name?(hint: mine)
  6. Who is Tom Riddle in Harry potter?
  7. Who wrote the Warriors series?
  8. who wrote the throne of glass series?
  9. true or false: Kathy Reiches wrote the virals series
  10. who did you vote for hilliary or trump
  11. sorry wrong quiz do you like boks
  12. do you like books alot

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Quiz topic: Do I know books