How well do you know middle school?

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Middle school is a series of books by James Patterson and chris Tebbets. They are all top 10 bestseller books and they are extremely funny, and they are all based on the views of the main character, Rafe.

But how much do you know about James Patterson's hillarious book series? Are you as slow witted as Rafe, or are you as know-it-all as Jeanne Galleta? Well you could sit and wonder, until now, when this epic quiz answers that question for you!

Created by: Spyrorules122
  1. Who wrote the middle school series?
  2. What is the main character's name?
  3. Where are the books set?
  4. What is Rafe's imaginary friend called?
  5. What is Rafe's rude line he made up for the Shakespeare play? (After the big sentence.)
  6. What is Rafe's rulebreaking scheme called?
  7. What is Rafe's future stepfather called?
  8. Where does Rafe's mum work?
  9. What is Rafe's girlfriend called?
  10. Where does Rafe move to in middle school: get me out of here?
  11. What middle school does he go to in the big city?
  12. What does Rafe learn in airbrook?
  13. What is the third book called?
  14. Who is the big fat liar?
  15. What is the 4th book called?
  16. Is chris Tebbets the illustrator for the 4th book?
  17. How many middle school books are there?
  18. When was save Rafe released?
  19. Who published the middle school books?
  20. Last question, is there a middle school movie?

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Quiz topic: How well do I know middle school?