Promise Me: Part 1

Well, this is officially part 1 of my new series "Promise Me." Please read the introduction if you can, though it doesn't matter so much, to be honest.

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Created by: Morgan216

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  1. "Oh my God, Rebecca," I gasped, "I am SO sorry." "It's okay," she sniffed, and her eyes turned red. "Is there anything I can do to help?" I offered. Rebecca Kingston just shook her head and sighed miserably. She had just broke up with her boyfriend and was going through a tough time. She had caught him making out with another girl, one of her arch enemies. She had been so mad, so confused, blinded by the tears. Rebecca was my best friend, and I would always be there for her no matter what. "I loved him so much," she sobbed. "I thought that... I was so sure... we would... but I could've..." She burst into tears. "Oh, Cora, it's all my fault!" I gaped at her. "Rebecca, don't ever say that. Look, I'm not trying to be mean, but just let it go. He was a jerk, as a lot of guys are. Just keep your head high and don't take any more stupid remarks from him." She managed to smile weakly. "Thanks, Cora," she said. That was my name, Cora Redwood. I was sixteen, and currently sitting at a small lunch table at lunch break in Greenside Hill High. We two were the only ones here in the whole hall. But that was usual; no one hung around at our school unless they were forced to. So the moment the bell rang for lunch, they ran as far away from here as possible. I couldn't blame them. This place, this little school in the north of Georgia, was awful. The atmosphere was horrible, the attitudes of teachers stank because they hardly got paid. I wished I could be away from here. I really hated it.
  2. "It wasn't your fault." I promised her severely. I just wanted to whack Jon McClough across his stupid smirking face, because of the hurt he'd caused her. Who gave him the right to do this to my BFF? He was disgusting. And he was probably holding hands, grinning, with Tracey Sallies, our arch enemy, his new girlfriend. The whole who was undeniably and totally fake, with skin so fake tanned that it was orange, silky dyed blonde with too many products on it to list, and a face covered in the darkest heaviest makeup you'd ever see... "Whoa, Coraleen, you're shaking like mad," Rebecca pointed out, eyes wide in shock. Coraleen was my full name, but ever since my parents had started calling me Coral the Mermaid when I was little, Cora was my name now. I smiled fondly at the memory. Rebecca never got called Becka though, or Becky, or Becks, or Rebbs, or any other nickname. She was just Rebecca Kingston. "Oh, um, so I am!" I exclaimed, and breathed in and out to calm myself down. I gave her startled face a reassuring smile. "I'm okay now," I said truthfully. She wasn't paying attention. "Here comes Micheal," she groaned, and I turned to see whatever she was looking at. "I'll see you later," she mumbled. "Bye," I said too quickly and too eagerly. She left the lunch hall. And there was Micheal Redman, striding across the hall with a grin on his face. His bronze-brown hair was tousled and slightly wet from the rain, and his green eyes sparkled with thrill to see me. I knew I was bouncing up and down, grinning hugely, and I couldn't contain myself. He came over toward me, sat down, and pulled me onto his lap like a kid. I giggled and blushed like a little girl. I knew I acted silly around him, but he didn't seem to mind. Micheal, my sweetheart, leaned in to kiss me on the lips.
  3. "What have you been up to?" He only needed to whisper because our noses were almost touching. "Not much. Just hanging," I shrugged casually. He lifted a strand of my medium brown hair and tucked it behind my ear. "How about you?" I asked, my heart skipping a beat. "Missing you," he said, and made a dramatic sad face. I blushed again. "I missed you too," I promised, "even if we were just apart for a few hours." I smiled hugely. He grinned back. "Rebecca looked troubled," he frowned suddenly, "what happened?" I sighed and figetted with my fingernails. "Jon kissed Tracey and Rebecca saw." I hung my head, sorry for her loss and pain. He sucked in his breath. "Oh, right. Well, Jon's a jerk." He said strongly. "He is seriously a moron. I wouldn't trust him with anything. And Tracey will just hook up with the first guy she sees." He made a disgusted noise. He looked at me right in the eye. "I'll never cheat on you. Ever. You have my word, Cora." I blinked slowly. "I'll love you, forver." I swore. "That will never change." I leaned in to kiss him again.
  4. "I have to go," he sighed. "I'll see you later, okay?" He planted a short kiss on the tip of my nose. Cute. "See you," I murmured. He unwillingly sat me down in my own chair and walked away. Right on cue, the bell rang. I headed to French, and was halfway down the first corridor when I met Jon on the way. Oh, fantastic, I groaned, trying to avoid him, by hanging my head and walking quickly past him. He saw me and approached me. "Hey, Cora," he slurred. He stank. "Jon," I said stiffly, "what do you want?" He laughed. "You know I totally fancy you, right?" I looked him in the eye, horrified. "Oh my God, Jon, WHY the flip would you get drunk in lunch break?!" I cried. He burst into more laughter. "It's not funny!" I complained, and then he tried to make a grab for me. I dodged his swiping arms. "Get off me!" I screeched when he pinned me against the wall. His lips leaned further in, and I screamed once again before... "Get your hands off of her." A deep voice commanded, and we both turned to see a figure hidden in the shadows. I felt sick. What kind of game was this? Jon didn't move, and I couldn't move anyway. "I SAID, get off her." He demanded again, and Jon growled. "Make me," he hissed, but he did let me go to launch himself at the stranger. I gasped and stood back. Jon was tall and experienced with fighting, as obviously, he did it all the time, the show-off. It didn't impress anyone except Stacey, who would love anything he did anyway. The two fought in the shadows. It was so dark that I could only see their shapes, and I didn't dare get any closer. Eventually, a heard a crack and a cry of anger and pain. One figure rose to his feet, the other sprawled across the floor. I choked in horror. That had to be the stranger. No one had ever won against Jon... but out of the shadows emerged someone who was definitely not Jon. One million times hotter, even stronger and taller, with jet black hair and matching eyes was a guy who I had never seen before. But he was clearly the most strikingly dazzling boy I had ever laid eyes on. I gasped again, but moved back, wary of him.
  5. "Are you okay?" The amazingly beautiful stranger asked. "I'm fine," I stuttered, dumbfounded. My saviour, the hottest guy on the planet, and more astonishingly, in the worst school on the planet. I could only stare. "I'm Jack," he said, shrugging, "and it looked like you needed some help there, so I hope I helped you." "Yes, you did," I laughed breathlessly. "Thank you. I'm Cora Redwood. Are you a student here?" "No," he said in a strange low murmur, "I actually came here to find you, Cora. I know we don't know one another, but I need to tell you something." "Well, what is it?" I asked. He looked up at me with a weird expression, almost an apology. "I can't really tell you here... or now. It's too exposed." I couldn't forget my classes. But I would be marked late already, so... "Where should we go?" I demanded. He sighed and pulled a hand through his straight black hair. "I would tell you now if I could, but it's not safe." I blushed. "I don't understand," I said pointedly, "how can you telling me something not be 'safe'? I don't even know you. This is stupid." I headed to class, despite being late already. "Wait!" he called after me. I hesitated and looked over my shoulder. He was in the same spot, like he couldn't move. "I'll tell you when the time is right. I'm sorry if this is just weird, but it's important for me, and you, and everyone-" I cut him off, "Yeah, that is just weird. You can hang around, but don't talk like that. It'll freak everyone out." He laughed, revealing his straight pearly teeth. "Like I haven't heard that one before!" I rolled my eyes, "Well, I'll see you later?" I presumed. He nodded, then shrugged. "Probably, but don't get your hopes too high." He grinned, and disappeared round the corner. It was stupid; we were acting like friends but it hadn't been five minutes. I grunted in frustration, hoped I wouldn't see him again - even though he saved me from THAT - and marched off to class.
  6. For a week, he didn't show up. I saw Jack nowhere, and no one else saw him either. I didn't dare approach Jon, nor did he even look at me once. He pretended I didn't exist. That was a good thing. I did feel guilty about Micheal though. Because despite his really weird personality, Jack's looks were gorgeous and they started to dazzle me in my mind. I could remember him vividly, but he seemed like a dream. Yet my imagination couldn't create something so purely perfect. And I felt that in some ways, he was my love at first sight. It was all so silly. I shook my head violently, forgetting I was sitting on Micheal's knee at the lunch table again. This time our table was crowded, because it was morning break. We weren't allowed to leave school at morning break. All of his friends were here, and all of mine and Rebecca's friends too. "What is it, Cora?" he asked warily. Had he been noticing my behavior recently? Had he noticed that when a shadown crept up and I seemed to see something, I would suddenly jump? Or that I was always alert and looking around? Did I want Jack to be here, so I could know what he was talking about? Or did I not, because I thought he was PDM, Pure Dead Mental? I didn't know. "I'm great," I replied, a little too anxiously, because he pulled me outside the hall and round the corner where there were no security cameras (not that there were many in the first place) and no one would overhear us. It was completely private round here. He pinned me to the wall, though not as Jon had. Just prevented my way of escape. Not like Jon had. This wouldn't be like Jon. It wouldn't be. "Don't lie, Cora, I know something's bothering you. Please, tell me, and I'll help you, I promise." He gazed into my eyes pleadingly. I blushed and looked down, embarrassed somehow. "We swore to tell each other everything, right?" He reminded me. "You know all my secrets. Just tell me. I won't tell anyone else." "There's nothing wrong, Micheal. I'm fine. Seriously." I lied, and shrugged. "Why would you think that?" "You jump around a lot, you always seem nervous and you look scared." He said. "I'm just tired," I fibbed, and yawned as if to prove it. "This isn't normal for you." He pointed out. My eyes widened in innocence. "Nothing is normal anymore." I whispered, and in his shock, his arms dropped, and I went back to the lunch hall.
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