Your amazing love story part 7

Hey guys! I actually real,y liked this one! Apologize about having Gavin be the jerk! Next time he will be a sweetie I pinky promise! Part 8 will be out soon!

I hate how you have to write all these paragraphs! I mean come on! seriously? I haven't once in my life seen these paragraphs and even if I did see them I wouldn't read them!

Created by: Jhawkgirl12

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  1. Where was I? Oh yeah you heard a whoosh noise and looked up and saw...
  2. You look up and see Kenneth. You try to hide your face because you had been crying. "hey, you okay?" he asks. "I don't know, not really." you say starting to tear up again. You really liked Gavin but he always seems to hurt you in some way. "I tried to keep you away from him some, but it never really worked." he says breaking the silence. "yeah, I know. And I should have listened." you reply.
  3. "after you ran away, Gavin started blaming me for it." he says, looking down hoping it wasn't his fault. "but it wasn't. It was him, he tried to have two girlfriends at once." you reply. "that normally happens when it comes to Gavin. I tried to talk to him about how your not like any other girl, and how he cant just play with your heart like that." he says. He rests his hand on yours. "I mean, no one should ever treat you like that." he says as he leans in and kisses you.
  4. He pulls away and smiles. "come on ----, let me fly you home." he holds out his hand and you take, seconds later your soaring through the air! When you get to your house Kenneth sets you down and kisses your cheek, then flys away!
  5. You walk in and see Gavin sitting n your couch. "what are you doing here?" you ask. "----, we need to talk." he says patting the spot next to him on the couch. Instead you go and sit on the chair opposite of him. "----, let me explain myself-" you interrupt him and say "EXPLAIN YOURSELF? It seems every time you have a girlfriend you kiss me and act like its not a big deal! Well ya know what in the real world it actually is a big deal! It's a little something called CHEATING." you yell. "it wasn't cheating though, cheating is if I was seeing you... Like dating you." he says. "excuse me? Cheating is actually if you betray someone... And that's betraying Hilary!" you say.
  6. Suddenly, someone's at the door. You open the door to see Dean. When he sees you his face automatically lights up. "hey babe!" he says as he hugs you. "hey Dean! Could this maybe wait just a second?" you ask. "sure! Anything for my princess!" he says as he winks at you. You kiss him on the cheek and shut the door. "who was that?!" Gavin asks concerned. "just Dean." you answer. "wow, I can't believe you actually like that kid! He has some weird anger problems and besides... He nothing compared to me." Gavin says.
  7. He takes your hand and pulls you close. You imediently pull away, but somehow, can't. "come on baby, why do you have to be so hard to get? Then again, I think it's hot when you play hard to get." he says. "get off me!" you yell. It was too late though... Gavin leans in and kisses you. You pull away and start screaming for Dean. "DEAN! HELP!" you yell. Gavin puts his hand over your mouth and you bite him.
  8. "ow! what the hell!" he shouts. You run upstairs into your room and lock the door. Gavin comes upstairs and bangs on the door. Eventually the door unlocks from how strong he is. "----, I don't want this to end out the bad way. Just let me talk." he says slowly coming towards you. You sit on the bed as far away from him as possible. "----, I still love you, and I'm hoping to get another chance. I will even break up with Hilary." he says moving in closer. He is now inches away when you hear a bang.
  9. The door to your room bursts open and Dean comes running in. "what did you do to her?!" Dean yells at Gavin, panting for breathe. "nothing, she's perfectly fine! A buh bye now." Gavin says waving off Dean. "oh I'm not going anywhere until ---- tells me to." Dean says looking over at you. "Gavin, can you just go?" you ask.
  10. Gavin walks out slowly, but stops at the door and turns and blows you a kiss. You don't catch it. I mean honestly, right now your pretty pissed! He leaves and you even watch him walk away out the window. You run over to Dean and hug him. He holds you tight and kisses your forehead. "promise me that next time he try's to do that you will call me or run away while you can, ok?" Dean asks. "okay, im just happy you saved me." you say smiling. You both go down stairs. You look over at the door, it's knocked down and broken. "sorry about your door." Deans says laughing. You both crack up and sit down in the couch. " we'll my dad will be pretty mad, but at least you got to me." you say. "your sure your all right?" Dean asks. You nod your head yes and lay down into his chest. He wrappshisarms around you. You wish you could just stay in this moment forever. "what do you say we go get some Chinese?" Dean asks. You smile and nod your head.
  11. It's like 11:3p right now and I have to go to bed because I have volleyball in the morning :( sorry guys! And I won't be able to write for a while because you know, fourth of July and all!! I hoped you liked this one!

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Quiz topic: My amazing love story part 7