Could you be Nikki Knox?

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Many people have either had a conversation with me or at least heard of me. I'm not one of the most liked users on this site, but maybe, just maybe, you and I have a bit in common. It's not that bad, I promise.

I also promise that this is not one of my best quizzes, but it's enough to keep you distracted. If you want to take some better quizzes, then click on my name and take them. I promise, you won't rgret it. Ciao! ;)

Created by: Nikki_Knox

  1. People describe you as...
  2. People notice this about you:
  3. If you had a baby girl, what would you name her?
  4. Your real name starts with the letter:
  5. What do you hate about your last name?
  6. How old are you?
  7. What type of humor do you have?
  8. On the internet, you are known as:
  9. Your worst quality is:
  10. Everybody tells you that you should be a:
  11. What is your signature emoticon?
  12. Who is your favorite Youtube star?
  13. You are labeled as:
  14. Which nickname best suits you?
  15. You love to:
  16. Your best subjects are:
  17. If you failed a test, you would:
  18. Which is your least favorite subject:
  19. You hate:
  20. Your eyes are:
  21. Your hair is:
  22. Your theory is that the best looking people come from:
  23. Please, feel free to try out my other quizzes. They are much more entertaining than this one. Ciao! ;)

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