Which Reformation Hero Are You?

The Protestant Reformation was a time of some of the greatest geniuses and heroes in the history of the world. Some were very different from one another--consider the personality differences between Calvin and Knox--but their main goal was to bring the light of true salvation to the common people still living in the spiritual darkness and superstitions of the Middle Ages.

So which reformer are you? There's no way a simple quiz like this can capture the character of every hero of the Reformation, so I've chosen three of the greatest Protestant reformers for your potential results.

Created by: Eroica

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  2. What is your gender?
  1. What character qualities best describe you?
  2. Your best friends are...
  3. When you're bored, you...
  4. What are you thinking right before your speech?
  5. When confronted with a problem, you...
  6. When someone mentions the smartest person in your class, you think...
  7. Are you English, Scottish, German or French?
  8. Which quote do you like best?
  9. How do you fight evil?
  10. Why do you study?

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Quiz topic: Which Reformation Hero am I?