Which Super Hero Are You

This is a survey created by SSJK and designed to entertain and inform the user. The suvery asks various questions and gives a suprisingly accurate anserw on which Super Hero u would be if you weren't a failure.

are you Yoda - The Jedi Master, SuperMan - The Alien Hero, SpiderMan - The geeky virgin, Prince Vegeta - The Proud Warrior, Iron Man - Whose Not In The Survey, Anthony Gauci - Whose a Super Hero in many ways.

Created by: Anthony Gauci

  1. What is your age?
  2. What is your gender?
  1. What is most important?
  2. If a freind is in a rumble?
  3. height
  4. Favourite Simpson?
  5. Favourite School Subject?
  6. Fighting Outfit
  7. Weapon of choice
  8. coolest power
  9. Ever used Illegal Drugs?
  10. most likely enemy

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Quiz topic: Which Super Hero am I