Which Bat Man Character are You Like

there are many strengths and flaws in a super hero. Which super hereo are you most like? read the quetions and answer best to your liking. It' pretty self explanitory if you know your character well.

Which super hero are you most like out of the Batman series? Take a few minutes to complete and see where you rank. It's only 12 questions. So don't be bummed if you don't get your character first time. Look at the bright side there are tons of super hero quizzes to take. Not to mention, some that are really accurate and worth taking.

Created by: jake

  1. What is your age?
  2. What is your gender?
  1. You are given the chance to help others. What is your way to save victums.
  2. What is your motivation to move forward?
  3. What are your costume colors?
  4. What are my skills.
  5. What is my outlook on life?
  6. Love to me means?
  7. What is my view point on fighting?
  8. what do you look forward in a girl?
  9. What are my weaknesses?
  10. one word to describe me is?

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