How much do you know Gohan?

Gohan. A character who can fight. A character who can fly. Not very well know if you compare him to Naruto or Yugi. Maybe you should look into him more. Where a character who seems to just be a son of savior on the outside can turn so big on the inside.

Do YOU know Gohan? Do you have the love and nollege enough to call yourself a GOHAN FAN?? Well you can find that all out here. Watch his series and come join this quiz. If you think you're ready.

Created by: Kajune

  1. Where does Gohan come from?
  2. What is Gohan?
  3. What color hair does he have?
  4. What skin color does he have?
  5. Does he have a family?
  6. Does he have is OWN family?
  7. Where was he born?
  8. Was he born with a sibling?
  9. What gender is he?
  10. What's his other name?
  11. Where did his name come from?
  12. Who is his grandfather from his father's side?
  13. Who is his grandfather from his mother's side?
  14. Does he have an Uncle or Aunt?
  15. If you answered yes in the previous question, who is it?
  16. Who is his father?
  17. Who is his mother?
  18. Who is his brother?
  19. Does he have a niece?
  20. How old was Gohan, when he first appeared?
  21. From the previous question, when did he first appear?
  22. Who kidnapped him during Saiyan Saga?
  23. Who kidnapped him within one of the DragonBall Z Movies?
  24. Who is his mentor?
  25. When did Gohan go to school?
  26. Does he ever get married?
  27. If you answer 'yes' in the previous question, to who?
  28. Does he have a child?
  29. If you answered 'yes' in the previous question, who is it?
  30. What form did he transform into as the first?
  31. During the Buu Saga, what was his title?
  32. In order to keep peace with the city he studyed in, what did he become?
  33. What movie did he defeat Broly in?
  34. How did he die?
  35. Last question for now. Who is the last related person to Goten ever shown in the series?

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Quiz topic: How much do I know Gohan?