The Weeping Tree

Hey everyone! Thanks for giving my story a chance. I've tried writing a story once, but I only got to the second part. Hopefully, I'll get farther than before.

This story is about a teenage girl who lives alone with her aunt. Her uncle died from a heart attack a while back and her parents are dead too. Her dad suffered from a brain tumor and her mom died during birth.

Created by: RollingStone

  1. You wake up in your bedroom and the windows are open. You check the digital alarm clock beside your bed and notice that it's about ten o'clock. You pull the faux fur blankets off of yourself and walk across the plushy carpet to your window. There's a cool breeze and a shining sun. *Ring! Ring!* Your phones vibrates. Who could it be?
  2. It's Alexander! Well, Alex for short. What could he be calling for? "Hey ____." "Oh, uh hi, Alex. What's up?" You get nervous talking to him but try as best as you can to keep your cool.
  3. He continues. "I was just wondering if you had a plans for tonight?" You get excited and jittery. You've had a crush on him since, like, forever! "Actually, I'm not currently doing anything. Why'd you ask?" "Well, because I was wondering if you'd like to go to the Lucky Lobster...?" YUCK! You absolutely HATE seafood, especially lobster. But you don't want to turn him down. This is your chance at getting a relationship started!
  4. You hesitate, unsure of what to say. "____, you still there?" "Oh! Yea, I'm here. Of course I'd love to go to the Lucky Lobster with you!" You hear him breathe out with relief. "Awesome. I'll pick you up at about... seven?" "Yea, that's cool," you respond. "Alright, bye," he says. Then he hangs up.
  5. You smile and dance in your bedroom, celebrating that you'll finally be able to go out on a date! You shut your door and walk into your closet. Hmm... you pick out what you'll wear for the day and lay it on your bed. First, you're going to take a shower. You strip down and enter the bathroom. Your white towel hangs on an ebony towel hanger and you make sure to lock the door. The water is hot when it turns on and you step back with surprise. Finally, you turn it down to a cooler temperature and wash your body and hair.
  6. When done washing, you step out and dry yourself with the towel. You wrap your towel around your body and walk across the hall back into your bedroom. The weather seems to have gotten a little cooler and you decide to change your outfit. You decide on:
  7. You dress into your outfit and make your way down the spiral staircase to the kitchen. Your aunt has already left for work and you have to fend for yourself. You scavenge through the fridge and find some leftover lasagna from last night. After piling it onto your plate and microwaving it, you sit down in front of the TV and watch some Dr. Phil.
  8. This episode is called Brutal Beauties. It's about two different girls who constantly get in fights with other people and have been arrested a few times.
  9. When done with your lasagna, you wash it and put it into the dishwasher. The house is spotless, as usual, and you find that you have nothing to do. You call to your dog, Marshmallow, a Boxer, and decide to take him for a walk. You get the purple leash and walk out the front door. You remember to set the alarm and lock the door. You slip the keys into your pocket and continue on.
  10. After a while, you get the feeling that someone is watching you. You look behind and see a man in his parked car. You start feeling a little uneasy and walk faster. He doesn't follow. You relax a bit and pull your phone out of your pocket. You are just about to call your friend, BJ, when you hear shifting on the gravel path behind you. Startled, you look and see an orange cat cross the path. Immediately, Marshmallow run after it and it runs into the bushes. You pull Marshmallow back and he falls back. You tug the leash and continue walking.

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