What type of tree are you?

Trees. They are all so different looking. But which one are you? Based on yourself, this quiz pairs you up with one of five magnicifenct trees to get!

So. Which tree are YOU? Are you excited to find out? Just answer these twelve questions and find out which tree you are. You can even post your result!

Created by: pinkjumper

  1. Are you:
  2. You are mostly:
  3. If you were a tree, your leaves would be what color?
  4. (Forgot to make the age question count, sorry!) Are you younger then 13?
  5. How many times have on a vacation this year?
  6. On a scale of one to five, how much do you represent power?
  7. If you were sold, how much would you be worth?
  8. If you were a tree, would you sacrafice yourself so people could make money/paper and other goods out of you?
  9. (I just realized I made a mistake. Question 8, five should be a lot of power) Do you spend a lot of time with friends or family?
  10. Sorry, ran out of questions. So, are you ready for your result?

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Quiz topic: What type of tree am I?