Which Tales of Symphonia character are you most like?

Long ago, Sylvarant and Tethe'alla were united as a single world that drew strength from the Giant Kharlan Tree. Divine intervention tore them apart, however, and the Tree withered and died. It was eventually left to a boy named Lloyd to restore the world to its true form. At his journey's end, a new Tree was planted to replace the Giant Kharlan Tree and to hold the two worlds together. This is the story of the Journey of Regeneration. United once more, the world is now entering a new era, of chaos and destruction...

One day, the Church of Martel goes to war with the Vanguard, and Sylvarant's city of Palmacosta is caught in the crossfire. Countless innocent lives are lost and Palmacosta is consumed in a terrible fire. This event comes to be known as the "Purge of Blood", a massacre allegedly led by [*censored in order to protect game*] of the Church of Martel.

Created by: Andy (aka Emosolider)
  1. Simple questions first, which weapon would you use?
  2. When in a fight, do you run to the enemy, or let them come to you, attacking him as he advances?
  3. Ok, your in a battle, the enemy is HUGE (like 10x your size), your reaction?
  4. Your fighting, what is your first move?
  5. You win, whats your reaction?
  6. You find out someone was taken from her home because of something you did, what is your reaction?
  7. You just found out that Exspheres (item that gives you your power) is made from human lives, what do you do?
  8. Why do you fight?
  9. Have you ever betrayed someone who really trusted you?
  10. If a friend betrayed you, would you...
  11. Two years later, after saving the world, you...
  12. Are you looking forward to the sequal?

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Quiz topic: Which Tales of Symphonia character am I most like?