What Tales of Symphonia Character are You Like

Has anyone played the GameCube game, Tales of Symphonia? It's an awesome game! Buy it! It only costs like $35. It has two disks and its long as longtime. It has an awesome storyline and stuff.

Anyways, take this quiz to find out what character from this game you are. There are many with lots of backgounds. It's best to get the most awesome people(dur). Play the game to find out who they are, or go to my MySpace.

Created by: XXOVANXX
  1. What is your age?
  2. What is your gender?
  1. Have you told a harmful lie?
  2. Do you like blondes?
  3. Would you kill one of your friends if you had to?
  4. Do you like games?
  5. Do you have sex with multiple women?
  6. Do you hate things about yourself?
  7. Can you cook well?
  8. Do you slap your friends often?
  9. What would you go in an RPG with?
  10. How fast are you?

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Quiz topic: What Tales of Symphonia Character am I Like