which pilgram are you?

If you have ever read Canterbury Tales and the intresting people on that voyage then you want to take this short quiz. The Knight, the Squire or the Oxford student, which on are you?

Are you a character? There are many characters in The Canterbury Tales that the reader encounters, which character are you? The Knight, the Squire or the Oxford student?

Created by: Teresa
  1. What is your age?
  2. What is your gender?
  1. Traveling on a bus you would
  2. On a date with the opposite sex you would
  3. If you were going to a party how would you dress?
  4. For a halloween costume you would dress up as
  5. How would you describe yourself if you were at a party?
  6. When surfing the net you would go to websites that
  7. The movie you would choose to watch would be
  8. What color would you choose
  9. If the ATM gave you an extra 20 dollars you would
  10. Whe ending your date you would

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Quiz topic: Which pilgram am I?