What Canterbury Tales Character Are You?

This is a quiz over the characters in Canterbury tales mostly under the the millers tale. It was done for a literature class and probably isn't the best one ever. Now I'm just trying to reach the limit and I did!

Do you have more in common with Nicholas, Alisoun, Absolon, John, The Prioress, or The Pardoner? Take this quiz and find out. It should only take about a minute, and all the results are pretty terrible.

Created by: roxxane
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  1. Do you have a love for the finer things in life?
  2. Do you seem to always know what to say and are good at convincing people?
  3. Are you a faithful and loyal partner?
  4. Do you do things spontaneously without much consideration to the future effects?
  5. Are you the jealous type?
  6. Are you a shady person?
  7. Are you stubborn/aggressive and always want what you can't have?
  8. Are you a corrupt religious person?
  9. Do you pursue married people?
  10. Are you gullible and trust people too easily?

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Quiz topic: What Canterbury Tales Character am I?