which Canterbury Character are you?

Ya and you thought the breakfast club was good? Well you should meet the original breakfast club- The Canterbury Characters. They have your nerd, your jock, your princess and so much more. See what character best represents you.

The Canterbury Tales, ever wonder where you would fit in to this timeless tale? Now here is your chance to see which character you would be. Answer a series of questions to see where you would fit in on this epic journey.

Created by: amazon
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  1. If you saw a little kid being picked on by two very large bullies, what would your actions be?
  2. You never lie, and have never stolen anything that was not yours
  3. what best describes how you dress?
  4. What type of book do you enjoy reading the most?
  5. When working in a group, which position do you often take on?
  6. What do you do in your leisure time?
  7. How would someone describe you as a friend?
  8. Which best describes you when you find yourself in a detrimental situation?
  9. When in a relationship, what type of role do you play?
  10. what color best represents you?

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Quiz topic: Which Canterbury Character am I?