You are a Caterbury Pilgrim

Here's your chance to see if your personality resembles a Caterbury pilgrim. Caterbury pilgrim are a collection of tales told by Jeffery Chaucer. It's interesting to see if your personality matches to a person in the 14th century.

Are you ready to find out which Caterbury pilgrim you are? Which wonderful tale are you? Just answer the questions quick and try not to think about them too much. Have fun.

Created by: Valerie

  1. The more money I make, the more money I want.
  2. I donate money to chartiy and help others on my free time.
  3. I am a leader, people often come to me for advice.
  4. I often host parties, I consider myself an expert at it.
  5. I am told I have a loud personality.
  6. I get asked out on dates but have not found the one.
  7. I will do anything to make a sell, even if it means lying to the customer a little bit.
  8. I am very jealous.
  9. Do you dress your best everyday?
  10. Do you agree with the saying, "if you got it flaunt it."

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