If you were a Pilgrim

This quiz is a fun way to figure out which pilgrim you would be from the Canterbury Tales. All of the characters from the story are interesting, but there are a few who are noteworthy and the most interesting. See where you fall.

Take a few minutes to play the quiz and find out what pilgrim you are in the Canterbury Tales. All of the characters are interesting and have a wild tale to tell. Some are more interesting than others. Where are you in the scheme of things?

Created by: Natalyn
  1. You are having dinner with friends and the check comes. You don't have the money to pay for your meal.
  2. You find two gold cufflinks on the street and no one is around.
  3. You have the choice between an intimate night with Tom Cruise or comforting a deal friend who just broke up with her husband.
  4. You are on a deserted island with two other people and there is only one coconut left.
  5. You are asked out on a date with a man who is four inches shorter than you.
  6. You have the choice to fly in first class and drink champaign with several famous celebraties or to sit in third with your best friend.
  7. Your best friend is wearing the same dress as you are. You are both going to the same party. The dress does not flatter her, but does look nice on you.
  8. You meet an ex-friend you still care for. He is now a millionaire. He wants you to come to his house and meet his family. You don't have money for bus fare across town.
  9. A store clerk gives you back change and accidently over pays you $100.
  10. Would you rather win the lottery and buy everything you want or save money for a rainy day

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