Which Tales of Symphonia Character Are You?

Tales of Symphonia. It's an epic game, and it has some pretty good players. This game has a great storyline and a pretty decent way of fighting! However, very few know all of its little secrets and hard-to-find things. (Yes, I know the title is wrong...I CAN'T FIX IT. x.x)

So...do you know your stuff? Now, some of the questions may be random, but it's your obligation as a quiz-taker to be equally as random. Do your best!

Created by: Addison

  1. What name was used on two dogs in Tales of Symphonia?
  2. Which of the following characters can you fight at some point?
  3. What is the name of the angel song Colette learns in the Japanese version but not in the English version?
  4. Which character is the only one who says they want to be with Lloyd in Flanoir?
  5. What character never uses Judgment AT ALL?
  6. What is the color of the jewel on Ygdrassil's outfit?
  7. What character does Presea dress up as?
  8. Which of Sheena's summons gives a speed boost?
  9. Who fights with a money bag?

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Quiz topic: Which Tales of Symphonia Character am I?