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  • What type of tree are you?
    Your Result: Oak tree

    Your tree: Tall, mighty and strong.(i am not tall or mighty but i am strong) Deep brown and serious looking. ( i am not sure what you mean by "deep brown" and i am pretty sure i do not look serious but i could be wrong) Pros about you: Strong, and easy to talk to. ( yes, i am very easy to talk to.) People know they can come to you with their troubles. (true) Cons: Sometimes too serious.(really?) You are very mature, and that can be led in the wrong way.( i am a little more mature but not i do not think that much) Remember, little acorns lead to mighty Oaks.

    thanks for the quiz!

  • Awesome! Oak Tree! Love your description and the questions.

  • I got birch tree.It's a very good description.

  • Cherry tree cool quiz

  • By 'deep brown' I mean your tree is deep brown. And thanks for taking the quiz.


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