Which One: Draco or Harry? I can't decide.. (HP Love story)

This is not a quiz more of a fill in the blank Harry Potter based story. Basically you just pick an answer and you CAN copy this story!! I don't really care as long as it is not on this site! If you do copy this please let the players (OR Whatever people on this site want to be called..) know that this isn't you story!!! This story came from my own head and I don't want people to take all the credit for something they didn't come up with! Now I hope you enjoyed this!!! GIRLS ONLY!!!!!!

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Created by: Harry Potter fan...

  1. Your on the train to Hogwarts and in walks a Blond Headed boy around your age and sits down next to you and says "Hi! I'm Draco!" What is your reply?
  2. He looks at you and smirks, but you don't notice. Since you wasn't paying attention he taps you on your shoulder. "Hey ____, Which house are you in?" Your reply is...
  3. He looks at you and you think to yourself 'He is so cute! Wait what am I thinking?!' The train stops at Hogwarts.. You all finally get to the castle and he starts to make fun of Ron. What do you do?
  4. It's time for the sorting ceremony! "____ ____" Professor McGonagall shouts and you walk up to the stage and she places the hat on your head "Slytherin!" the hats shouts. You smile. Seeing the huge table clap for you. After the ceremony the table gets up and everyone heads to their rooms. "Hey, ____" you hear Crabb yell. "Hi! You are?" "I'm Crabb! I'm surprised Malfoy hasn't told you about me!" "Crabb! What are you doing? Aggravating ____!?" You hear Draco say. Crabb walks away and Draco comes up to you. "Hey sorry about him. So you're a pure-blood! Just like me!" Your reply is...
  5. You get in trouble for being late to Defense Against the Dark Arts class. Your punishment was detention just for the day. Next, you see Harry getting in trouble. He gets detention too. He looks back at you and smiles. You smile back and you see out the corner of your eye Draco scowling at Harry. It's time to leave to go to Snape's class. Next thing you know Draco threw paper at him and it hit him in the back of his head. "Who threw this?" He boomed and Draco raised his hand. "I did, sir!" "Detention and 50 points from Slytherin!" Everyone in Slytherin booed Draco and threw balled up paper balls at him..What do you do??
  6. Detention that day was interesting and funny. "Scar-head" "Git" "Muggle lover" "Ferret!" Draco and Harry went at it and all you do is laugh at them. "Draco, Harry if yer two don't shut up. Yer have ___ on the floor!" The boys turned around and saw you laughing and blushed. You finally stopped laughing and finally Hagrid separated ya'll "Harry and ___ and Neville and Draco" Ya'll split up and Draco scared Neville. "OK.. Er.. ____ with Draco and Harry with Neville." You see Harry glaring at Draco and Draco smirking at Harry. 'What is up with them two?' you think as you and Draco go into the forbidden forest. You feel an arm wrap around you and noticed it's Draco..... What did you do?
  7. After detention you head back to Slytherin common room. You were so tired you decided to go to your dorm room and lay down.. *KNOCK KNOCK* you get up and see Draco. "Hey! ____ sorry about tonight.. I wasn't thinking.. I let my feelings get ahead of me.. I want to tell you that I-" "Mrs. ____, can I talk to you?" "Sure Professor Snape." you walk pass Draco and follow Snape to his office. "I want to talk to you about... Malfoy.." "Sure what's wrong?" "His grades aren't good. Would you mind if I asked you to tutor him?" "Goodness.. I wouldn't care! Anything to get his grades up!" "Thank you! 10 points Slytherin.." You smile and head to your room and see Draco standing there. "You wanted to tell me something?" "Yeah, never mind I'll tell you later." "OK." You turn around to head back in your room. "Wait!" Draco says and you turn around to face him and he kisses you.. Your reaction?
  8. How did you like this book? 1 to 8
  9. Which Chapter is your favorite?? 1 to 7, which one???
  10. Should I do a part two???

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