what fandom sidekick are you?

Are you an action hero, a beautiful side kick, a scoundrel, a princess? Either way, you're tailing the footsteps of a hero, but they'll remember you for your support and your courage.

Here's your chance to find out what hero you belong to, and just who exactly you are in the many fandoms in the world today. Find your place in tv, film, or your favorite novel, and take this test; Which Sidekick are you?

Created by: randi

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  2. What is your gender?
  1. You like being in action a lot. A lot a lot. You live for it. You broke rules for it! what would your mother say?
  2. the hero chucks you into a wardrobe and tells you to suit up. You jump for...
  3. Your mode of transportation is...
  4. the hero...how do you feel about him/her?
  5. What was your life like before you met the hero?
  6. so, whos the villain?
  7. Ever get jealous of the attention he gives the leading lady?
  8. So how did it end?
  9. Describe yourself
  10. So tell me, baby; who do ya love?
  11. Medium of choice?

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Quiz topic: What fandom sidekick am I?