How Much Of A Hank Fan Are You

There are many fans out there: fans of TV shows, of movie actors, of comic book characters, of books, of varieties of linoleum, of you name it. This quiz, however, tests for none of these. This quiz, on the contrary, assesses your level of Hank Fandom.

Just how much a fan of Hank *are* you? You know you want to know. You know you want to compare your level of fandom to others. Don't worry: Hank has heard your plaintive demands for such a measuring tool, and the result is this quiz, which will finally quantify your Hank Fandom. You're welcome.

Created by: hank of Blue Screen Of Death
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  1. I read Hank's blog every day, even though he only posts about once every three years; it's that good.
  2. I know Hank's real first name.
  3. I know Hank's birth last name.
  4. I can spell Hank's birth last name correctly.
  5. Hank isn't a bad speller; rather, it's clearly that damned cat that is causing the various typos.
  6. Hank isn't cheap, he's thrifty.
  7. Though I may disagree with Hank's political views, he puts forth these views in an intelligent, calm, and thoughtful manner, always bearing in mind other points of view.
  8. Even though he makes quizzes about himself and uses LJ simply to point to his extremely well-written blog, Hank is one of the more modest people I know.
  9. What is your favorite color?
  10. Yes?

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